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Games are one of the most important entertainment mediums today. We believe the evolution that began with arcade communities a quarter at a time, growing to the live streams and eSports of today, will continue to a future in which fans are creators, players are celebrities, and games are a global cultural touchstone that unites people across the world. Our teams delve into these communities, using Amazon’s proven technology and customer-obsessed culture to create new and innovative solutions to delight gamers.

Our growing Amazon Games teams are creative and diverse. You’ll find tech and non-tech, engineers and artists. Software development managers lead, grow, and nurture teams of engineers, artists, and designers with varied backgrounds ranging from scalable, distributed computing, to UX design, to PC/Console/Mobile game developers with specific skills in graphics, animation, AI, and networking. Our product and program leaders create and execute products and services that are equally diverse, driving initiatives in publishing, retail, entertainment, marketing, and studios for both internal and external customers. Collectively, we share a passion for games and for connecting our customers with content that will excite and engage them .

At Amazon Games, we’re creating compelling games like New World, an open world MMO set on a supernatural continent in the 17th century, our team-based shooter Crucible, and our upcoming The Lord of the Rings MMO.

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