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AWS Tech U offers an accelerated approach to career on-boarding for several technical roles within AWS

AWS Tech U is a 48-week residency program for a select group of new AWS employees. Residents have the opportunity to participate in project-based learning, creative real-world problem solving, and on-the-job training. Supported and supervised by AWS experts, this residency program offers these new AWS professionals time and space to develop technical expertise in AWS Cloud computing. They are also taught the soft skills required to launch a successful career. AWS Tech U graduates are prepared to serve as solutions architects, technical trainers, and professional services consultant roles within AWS.

Program Benefits:

  • Paid on-the-job training as a full-time employee
  • Project-based learning and professional development
  • Mentorship and support from AWS experts
  • Real-world problem solving

About the Curriculum:

The AWS Tech U curriculum is designed to help participants develop technical expertise in cloud computing and prepare them for various roles within Amazon Web Services (AWS). Over approximately 24 weeks of technical and professional development, it is delivered through a mix of digital and classroom training, hands-on labs, and project work.

The project-based portion of the curriculum includes eight two-week sprints, with each sprint focused on a simulated customer scenario in the following domains:

  • Highly Available Web Apps
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Migrations & Hybrid Apps
  • Big Data
  • Enterprise Applications
  • IoT and AI
  • Microservices
  • Security, Governance & Compliance

There are two weeks of fundamentals training at the start of the program, a midpoint meetup, and a week at the end of the program for assessments and capstone projects.


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