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A team of inventors and force multipliers.

The Alexa Excellence team operates mechanisms to increase the stability and performance of Alexa, provide tools that reduce development friction, and disseminate best practices to the Alexa engineering community. We are a hybrid engineering and program management organization focused on continuous improvement across several dimensions. 
Our customers are internal developers across Alexa teams and beyond, and our tools and program guidelines are critical to the development, testing, release and maintenance of any Alexa features.

We focus on increasing Alexa’s availability, and reducing latency, developer friction, and the cost to run and maintain.

We organize our efforts into three pillars:

  1. The Availability program focuses on measuring Alexa's availability and reducing outage minutes by building services, tools and libraries for outage/chaos resilience and efficiency improvements.
  2. The Latency pillar focuses on building solutions, products and dashboards to measure e2e latency, employ predictive, supervised and unsupervised learning models to detect worldwide latency degradations and innovate on cross cutting solutions to improve latency on behalf our Alexa end users.
  3. The Efficiency programs measure and drive campaigns to reduce Alexa’s response times while decreasing the cost to run and maintain.

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