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Enable designers, developers, and brands to build delightful voice experiences

Alexa Skills provide our customers with an ever-growing, cross-category selection of high-quality experiences—limited only by the Skill developer’s imagination. Alexa Skills Kit serves our Alexa's North Star by becoming the world’s leading AI developer toolset, enabling developers to craft experiences that make Alexa a natural and enriching part of everyday life. Our tools evolve in lock-step with our advancements in AI, while abstracting and simplifying these concepts for developers (e.g., AI as API)—democratizing access to a wider range of developers, who will not require specialization in SLU concepts.

Are you looking for the next big thing in your career? Join our startup team for an opportunity to invent and re-imagine a new space. 

Come build the future with us! The Alexa Skills Kit Tech team is hiring for Software Developers, Technical Product Managers, UX Designers and more to help developers leverage Amazon’s latest innovations in voice.

Explore our open roles below.