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The way the world works is changing, and we embrace the importance of offering roles that give our people more control of both their work and their work/life balance. Contrary to the conventional thinking that only certain jobs can be done remotely, we have a growing and diverse array of people excelling in a wide variety of remote positions. Our goal is to ensure that everyone at AWS has a chance to make an impact no matter where they work.

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I’ve been working remotely since I started at Amazon five years ago, and I love being a remote employee and leader. Our workforce continues to move away from the traditional 8–5 schedule, and I relish the flexibility of doing some of my work outside of typical office hours. As long as I’m meeting my deliverables and customer commitments, I am empowered to structure my days in ways that are optimal for being both a leader and a dad of four kids.

Kevin Knapp
Recruiting Manager

Everything you need, wherever you are.

We’re continually adding online resources so that working remotely is not only possible, but offers a seamless experience with access to all of the services that enable our team members to thrive.

  • Mailing lists, meetups, discussion groups, and more ways to connect
  • Guidance on specific roles, responsibilities, and navigating the AWS ecosystem
  • Rapid access to IT, travel, emergency info, expenses, and other support
  • Information on remote work, including data, policies, benefits, and expectations


I enjoy the work/life harmony I’ve cultivated while working remotely. Taking 30 minutes to walk outside, read in my favorite rocking chair, or bring soccer cleats to my daughter’s school keeps me connected to the personal aspects of my life that contributeto me being able to show up fully for my customers at AWS.

Charvett Conner
Senior Program Manager, Learning & Culture

Meet Ellen

Hear how Software Development Manager Ellen Hsu and her team are pioneering WFO – work from outside.

Meet Ellen

Hear how Software Development Manager Ellen Hsu and her team are pioneering WFO – work from outside.

Meet Jennifer

See how Professional Services Practice Manager Jennifer Letourneau supports her customers from her finished room over the garage (a.k.a. the FROG).

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