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Helping Startups Succeed with Cloud Computing.

Join our adventure. Meet the innovators launching startups around the world and help them build, launch, and scale their businesses using Amazon’s cloud computing platform. As a member of our team, you’ll guide these pioneers as they carry out early fundraising, build a technical team, and advance to take their product to market—with best practices, efficiency, and scalability built in. This is a career that grows with you. You’ll work with a wide range of startups, where each situation offers new challenges. As part of the AWS Startups team, you’ll take this journey alongside customer-obsessed industry leaders, collaborating to broaden the use of Amazon’s cloud computing platform for startups.


Startup Solutions Architects


For an AWS Startup Solutions Architect, no two solutions are identical. You’ll get in on the ground floor to help startups thrive, helping them build cutting-edge solutions that are secure, scalable, and low-cost from the start. The customers you’ll work with vary widely. So do the challenges they face. You’ll work directly with customers alongside our sales and business development teams to help startups choose the right services and architectural approaches, share best practices, and make sure they can spend as little time, money, and effort as possible. If you have a passion for startups, you can:


• Help cutting-edge startups build their products on the AWS cloud

• Collaborate with our sales and business teams to design effective strategies for startups worldwide

• Apply your hands-on experience as a technical builder with multiple AWS services to enable customers to meet their technical objectives

• Build strong relationships with customer technical leadership


You’ll have a chance to work on interesting technical problems with the most exciting startups from the earliest stage through hyperscale – and to build enduring customer relationships along that journey.


Startup Sales


AWS is growing—fast. We’re looking for Startup Account Managers with a passion for startups, someone who’s an innovator: a builder. Jump into the latest trends in artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and crypto, serverless technology, and IoT. You’ll need to think big, in a fast-paced environment, and embrace Amazon’s customer-obsessed culture.  Our mission is to enable and support startups from their inception by helping them maximize the value of AWS and accelerate their potential for success. You’ll be tasked with:


• Building trust with founders and builders from all backgrounds

• Fostering partnerships with early, mid-stage, and mature startups

• Accelerating customer adoption

• Expanding the use of AWS as the primary cloud provider

• Driving revenue growth for AWS 


You’ll collaborate with our business development and other teams to advise and coordinate strategies that drive customer acquisition. Meanwhile, your customers will use state-of-the-art technologies on AWS to grow and innovate—to become the next disrupters, like today’s Airbnb, Slack, Lyft, and DoorDash.


Startup Business Development


The startup founders and operators on the AWS Startup Business Development team collaborate with the world’s best startups, investors, and industry associations to accelerate their engineering and commercial efforts from inception to IPO. You’ll work closely with these passionate ex-founder/investor/CxO industry experts to force multiply their knowledge and reach, building consensus across organizations. You’ll be there to:


• Drive key marketing initiatives

• Help design programs to expand team impact

• Drive engagements and interact at the CxO/General Partner level

• Interact effectively with CTOs, software developers, and architects


You’ll need to think strategically about business, product, and technical challenges, coming up with compelling value propositions. This calls for a business background and demonstrated technical knowledge.


AWS Startup Acquisition and Customer Experience (ACE)


Our shared mission is to make AWS the platform of choice for all startups. The Startup Acquisition and Customer Experience (ACE) team is made up of program managers, business analysts, product managers, researchers, software developers, UX designers, visual designers, technical program managers, and applied scientists who solve for early-stage startups getting started on AWS. As our flagship global startup program, AWS Activate provides startups with the right mix of tools, resources, and expert support to use AWS to optimize their performance, manage risk, and keep costs under control. With Startup ACE, you’ll help:


  • Build a flywheel of incentive programs, new products/services, and exclusive offers that help startups go faster.
  • Partner with our startup ecosystem of VCs and partners to invest billions of dollars in changing the trajectories of founders around the world.
  • Use data assets and insights to sustainably create connections across our operations to create new solutions and opportunities.
  • Develop a community of founders to share best practices, uncover customer needs and trends, and provide best-in class training and education.


You’ll be giving startups the tools they need to succeed on AWS. You’ll also be helping AWS continue to grow in a fast-paced environment.



Startup Operations


The AWS Startup Strategy, Sales Operations & Enablement (SSOE) team increases the productivity of AWS Startup teams by building and implementing segment strategy, operational excellence, data-driven insights, automation, and specialized enablement. We’re obsessed with delivering results that help our customers and shape the direction of our business. Here’s what you’ll do:


• Identify customer needs, work backward to design strategies, and develop KPIs to track progress

• Manage operations for Startup sales leadership, including revenue tracking and forecasting, program management, compensation, sales performance evaluation, and insights

• Design, implement, and manage initiatives to support the business goals

• Create and deploy innovative solutions to maximize Startup team efficiency and effectiveness


This calls for someone with leadership skills who loves to roll up their sleeves in the day-to-day, while strategizing for the longer term. You’ll join a diverse and innovative team of people who love to translate data, insights, and anecdotes into successful action.


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