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“Every single day is like trying to solve a new business problem. It's not always just executing the play book, it's creating the play book and that is very cool.”


In 1994, Amazon started operating out of a Seattle-area garage in the hopes of changing how people shopped for books. Public internet usage was beginning to accelerate and Jeff Bezos applied his “regret minimization framework”, deciding to create the business of offering books for sale online so that he didn’t later regret not seizing the opportunity. Jeff’s gamble paid off and today is known for offering just about anything a shopper could want to buy online.

As Amazon has expanded over the years, offering devices, cloud computing services and original media programming (among other things), the Consumer Division has continued to be the standard-bearer for Jeff’s original vision: to become Earth’s most customer-centric company. We like to think of ourselves as “Amazon Classic”. We’re the people behind Amazon’s eCommerce business. We own the technology and the customer experience for what people know as

Customers experience our work when they are able to find what they are looking for at a great price on or one of our subsidiary sites (including Zappos, Woot! and others). Perhaps we make it look easy, but there’s a lot under the hood in Consumer Division. We built the technology infrastructure that supports the world’s largest online retailer and continue to innovate so that customers and sellers on our platform have a consistent, stable and trustworthy experience. We manage our many retail categories, ensuring we are a step ahead of demand for the products customers need to live their lives. We build the tools, processes and relationships that help sellers, from mom-and-pops to multinational corporations, offer their goods and services for sale to our massive customer audience. And we push the eCommerce industry forward by focusing on innovations in mobile, social and community shopping.

Over the last two decades, Amazon has been a defining force in eCommerce and the innovations keep coming; from ordering products with your voice, to using an app to order products for delivery within an hour, to having product recommendations served up based on past shopping behavior. Consumer Division is both “Amazon Classic” and the future of shopping.

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