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Our Amazon Development Center in Gdansk is home to a variety of teams that deliver innovative solutions powering Amazon products and services around the world.


Located in one of the most progressive regions of Poland, the Gdansk Development Center offers exceptional opportunities to grow your technical and non-technical skills by working on exciting and challenging projects.

Teams of developers and researchers work on revolutionizing the way users interact with Amazon products and services. We focus on distributed systems and technologies such as Text-to-Speech and Natural Language Understanding to make a real difference to customers by inventing, enhancing, and building world-class software. Our work is large-scale and complex, and it demands invention. We offer great opportunities to work big data, machine learning, and high-scale, low-latency distributed systems. We use a wide variety of programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript; Open Source technologies such as Linux, Ruby on Rails, and AngularJS; and Amazon’s world-leading AWS platform.

Looking for an Internship? Interning at Amazon is a great way to develop your professional skills and learn about our company culture. During your internship, you will own the strategy and execution of one or multiple projects that impact our customers. To help support your growth and ability to deliver on your project, all interns will benefit from skill-development training, cohort-based learning environments and peer-delivered presentations. Have a look at our internship opportunities here

Meet our teams based Amazon Development

The Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Service team builds and maintains cloud services that allow Alexa and AWS LEX to understand human language. We are a passionate team focused on building complex, large-scale, resilient distributed services. Our process machine-learning models for millions of Alexa conversations. We collaborate closely with a number of Alexa teams to supply the best Alexa language understanding experience to customers.

The Alexa Hybrid Engine team in Gdansk is part of the larger Alexa Speech team. We believe that voice is the simplest, most natural way to communicate, and we have a mission to make Alexa available everywhere including offline and in-car. Take Alexa with you anywhere! Curious to learn about low-latency programming, and how to write highly optimized code? Join the team responsible for the core Alexa engine.
The Alexa Text-to-Speech (TTS) Features team makes Alexa speak and sound as natural as a human being. Our team implements new features to let Alexa skill developers use a rich variety of mechanisms to deliver the exceptional experience to Alexa users. We make sure that Alexa cloud-based voice service is available on tens of millions of devices from Amazon and third-party device manufacturers. With our service, Alexa skill developers can build natural voice experiences that offer customers a more intuitive way to interact with the technology they use every day.
The TTS Engine team is focused on delivering to our customers the best experience of using Text-To-Speech SDK. We are delivering core functionality that powers both Amazon Polly and Alexa. Our team solves engineering challenges, making our engine more efficient in terms of performance, memory usage (both runtime and footprint), and response time. We are inventing new ways to scale up our solutions to satisfy growing demands of our customers. 
The TTS On-Device team makes offline speech synthesis available on millions of Amazon devices worldwide: Fire Tablets, Fire TV, Echo Show and Kindle E-readers among others. We work in close cooperation with teams such as Amazon Lab126 (the team that designs and engineers high-profile consumer electronic devices) and Amazon Kindle (the team delivering software solutions for Kindle Reader). Our technology can voice any content in a great variety of use cases and one of its prominent applications is making our devices accessible by providing spoken feedback to visually impaired users..
The Amazon TTS Voices and Languages team develops and maintains the Amazon TTS voices.  The team applies deep learning techniques to enable Alexa and Amazon Polly TTS voices to interpret and pronounce texts accurately and lifelike, for a variety of use cases. 
The Amazon Polly team turns text into lifelike speech through the AWS Text-to-Speech Service, allowing developers to create applications that talk and build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products. Our team extends the customer-facing service capabilities such as Console, and SDKs. We are building a solution with dozens of lifelike voices, across a variety of languages, where customers/developers can select the ideal voice and build speech-enabled applications that work in many different countries. Curious to learn more about Polly? Visit the AWS Blogs for developers and watch our Polly Tech Talk.
The Ring team belongs to the Ring Device Hardware/Software engineering organization, which owns the development of Ring core set of products: doorbells, cameras, and accessories such as WiFi extenders and speakers. The team develops services and tools for Ring development infrastructure. DevOps and software engineers are supporting the work of developers and data research teams in various locations Sunnyvale, Santa Monica, Cambridge, Kiev, and Taipei. We partner with Product Management, Cloud/Mobile App, Research and Operations team across the Ring organization
The Alexa Data Service and Alexa Machine Learning teams invent scalable, data-driven solutions to complex linguistic problems and generating the language data that powers our Spoken Language Understanding (SLU-based systems.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Database Migration Accelerator team helps our customers migrate to the cloud. We are on a mission to transform legacy enterprise workloads into modern AWS native application architectures.  We achieve this by utilizing cutting edge tools, sophisticated engineering systems and database expertise. We provide fixed price and high speed migrations to the cloud.  Database Migration Accelerator is combining various AWS cloud platform services into one product which would serve to our customers. We are a team of professionals that are forward-looking and using latest technology offerings (AWS cloud services, relational and NoSQL databases) to build new capability to operationalize and automate migration methodologies. Databases Services at AWS covers a range of data platforms including Amazon Aurora, DynamoDB, Redshift, Athena, as well as AWS Database Migration Service, Data Pipeline, Glue and more. As each service grows, so does adoption by customers world-wide. Welcome to AWS Gdansk!
The Compliance Operations team (C-OPS) is a part of and Security and Compliance (HS3C) organization in We are meticulous about the safety of our customers and relentlessly advocate for and ensure the health, safety, and security of our associates, partners, and suppliers. We are responsible for ensuring that product and services sold by Amazon meet regulations. The team is responsible for conducting operational and task for HS3C. We have been performing classification and vendor support functions in all Amazon marketplaces for Restricted Product, Dangerous Goods, Product Safety and Global Trade & Direct Import programs.
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We are looking for Software Development Engineers and Managers and Linguists to design and implements solutions that impact millions of customers around the globe. Check out our current opportunities below.

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Did you know? The Amazon Development Centre Poland is the proud organizer of Innovation@Amazon, a yearly technical conference held in Gdansk, to hear from our top-notch engineers about the most recent updates on Amazon’s products and solutions like Amazon Web Services, Machine Learning Amazon Game Studios, and Amazon Alexa. Visit to learn more about past years' editions.

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