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What are the Alexa and Devices organizations? Amazon Alexa brings voice-driven experiences to our customers– just ask, and Alexa will play music, answer questions, turn on the lights, make calls, and provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more—instantly. Amazon Devices brings breakthrough technology to our customers from Kindle and Fire TV Stick, to Echo and Dash. We are developing and hiring the future of voice and device technology across the globe.

Alexa & Devices Research

Our research is customer focused. Your discoveries in speech recognition, natural language understanding, deep learning, and other disciplines of machine learning can fuel new ideas and applications that have direct impact on peoples’ lives. We also firmly believe that our team must engage deeply with the academic community and be part of the scientific discourse.

ICASSP 2018 Research


In addition to her paper presentation, Jun Yang will also be session chair for the following:


Meet Our Amazon Devices and Alexa Teams at our Amazon Booth, E1


Bjorn Hoffmeister, Sr. Machine Learning Manager - Seattle, WA

Ariya Rastrow, Principal Speech Scientist - Seattle, WA

Roland Maas, Speech Scientist - Seattle, WA

Ivan Bulyko, Sr. Speech Scientist- Seattle, WA

Arindam Mandal, Sr. Machine Learning Manager - Sunnyvale, CA

Kenichi Kumatani, Speech Scientist- Sunnyvale, CA

Minhua Wu, Speech Scientist- Sunnyvale, CA

Yulan Liu, Speech Scientist - Cambridge, UK

Alexis Moinet, Speech Scientist- Cambridge, UK

Andrew Breen, Sr. Machine Learning Manager- Cambridge, UK

Fred Weber, Sr. Speech Scientist- Bangalore, India




Carlo Murgia, Sr. Software Manager - Sunnyvale, CA

Ed Srenger, Sr. Software Manager - Cambridge, MA

Xianxian Zhang, Sr. Research Scientist - Sunnyvale, CA

Ali Milani, Research Scientist - Sunnyvale, CA

Inseok Heo, Research Scientist - Sunnyvale, CA

Jun Yang, Sr. Research Scientist - Sunnyvale, CA

Ludger Solbach, Sr. Research Scientist - Sunnyvale, CA

Krishna Kamath, Research Scientist - Sunnyvale, CA


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