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New opportunities await in Ireland!

Amazon is opening its first fulfilment centre in Ireland, creating new jobs to help meet customer demand. You can be part of the team.

Amazon provides some of the most advanced workplaces in the world. Offering competitive pay, flexible working hours (full-time, part-time, permanent or seasonal), a comprehensive benefits package, on-going support, on-the-job training and development. All alongside processes and systems and a team culture that supports the safety and well-being of all its employees/team members.

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You can now join Amazon Operations in Ireland as a Warehouse Operative or Sortation Operative.


What does a Warehouse Operative do?

Your role is to receive and stow products, pick, pack and ship customers' orders. It's an essential role at Amazon: you literally bring customers' orders to life, every day.

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Dublin - Baldonnell Business Park (SNN4)

Warehouse Operative handling a box
Sortation Operative handling a box

What does a Sortation Operative do?

As a Sortation Operative in Ireland, you will work in a delivery station. Your role is key in enabling fast, every day deliveries to customers'.

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Dublin, Greenogue Business Park (DIS1)

Dublin, Northwest Logistics Park (DIS2)

Reasons you'll love working at Amazon

We offer full-time, part-time, permanent or seasonal jobs, at least paid €13.50 per hour and a number of other benefits. Check them out.

Competitive pay

The base pay for Amazon Warehouse Operatives and Sortation Associates starts at €13.50 per hour, up to €15.21 an hour.


Amazon offers a range of great benefits that support employees and eligible family members. Your benefits as a permanent employee begin on Day 1 and include:

  • Private medical and life insurances,
  • Company pension plan*,
  • Parental leave**,
  • Amazon discount - 10% discount on Amazon goods on a maximum purchase order value of 1000 Euro a year,
  • Affordable meals,
  • Free hot drinks, cold snacks***, and more...
  • Modern, safe and engaging work environment.
*after 3-months tenure, **after 1 year tenure, ***it may vary per site


We recognise that all our employees have different schedules and responsibilities. That is why we strive to offer multiple types of contracts and working hours that allow you to organise work around your life. We also offer resources to help your well-being, along with paid holidays and bank holidays.


We support your employee experience and professional growth through internal career progression opportunities such as paid on-the-job training, cross-training opportunities to help you gain further qualifications, transferring to a different department and promotions into a managerial role.

In addition, we offer employees access to Career Choice, an innovative Amazon programme designed to upskill eligible employees* with the education they need to get a job outside of Amazon which is in high demand in their local community. This program is available to [all/permanent] Amazon Warehouse Operatives and Sortation Associates. Amazon pays 95% of tuition costs up to €3,000 per year. Currently Ireland offers two fields of study 1. Admin & Business Services, 2. Information Technology.

*The Program is available to all Amazon Associates (full-time, flex time, part time, reduced time, or fixed term) who have been employed with Amazon for at least 1 continuous year. This includes Amazon employees of Fulfilment Center, Amazon Transport, and Amazon Logistics.

What are employees saying?

Husband and wife team Adrian and Maria Ghita, have worked for Amazon for four years and, for the last year, as sortation associates at the delivery station in Rathcoole.

Adrian said:
"I really enjoy working at Amazon for many reasons, it provides me with good stability, great benefits and a pleasant work environment and I like how it provides me with good work life balance.
You also get to meet a lot of different people which is very nice."

Maria added:
"Amazon provides a lot of flexibility and they have been very helpful with my shifts to suit my family. I feel I am working in a very safe working environment and it is a great company to work for."

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Your job should work for you.


At Amazon, we understand that work doesn’t stop on the job. Because when you’re done with the order tracking, item packing, or box stacking, you’re doing the school dropping, the grocery shopping, the city tripping, the kick-flipping, the freestyle grooving, or the personal record improving. That’s why we have warehouse jobs that work for you.


Virtually visit a Fulfilment Centre

Go behind the scenes with our tour leaders Adam, Marta, Paul, and Toni.

This 10-minute video takes guests inside our Fulfilment Centres to see what happens when you shop on Amazon.

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We also host live virtual tours.

The tours use 360-degree footage, videos, and live broadcasts to take you behind the scenes at some of our Fulfilment Centres across the UK. They also feature interactive Q&A, giving you a chance to ask questions about different types of jobs as well as pay and benefits.

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Do you have any questions?

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about your application, what the job offers or other topics.
Please call (+353) 1800 851 522 or send an email to




Amazon Fulfilment Centre - SNN4
Business Park - Unit E
Baldonnell Business Park
N7 (Naas Road)
Dublin 22


Amazon Logistics (DIS1) Delivery Station
Greenogue Business Park,
Unit 527, Rathcoole, Co.
D24 X00N,


Amazon Logistics (DIS2) Delivery Station
Northwest Logistics Park,
D11 X258