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Celebrating what makes us who we are.

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Celebrating what makes us who we are.

Culture matters at AWS. Not just the steps we’re taking to build an inclusive company culture, but the characteristics and qualities that make each of us unique – and uniquely talented. As part of our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at AWS, we asked some of our passionate professionals to share stories about their lives and AWS experiences – with vibrant textile portraits by Victoria Villasana.

AWS is committed to increasing Hispanic and Latinx representation across the company. Because we still have work to do, individuals and teams are continually getting involved and collaborating to improve our internal processes, increase representation, and ensure an environment where everyone can proudly be themselves.

"I have been impressed with the diversity programing and representation, including highlighting the Afro-Latinx community during Black History Month. When I started a year ago, I was working remotely. My chances for interaction were limited, but other Latinos reached out to welcome me. I make sure to do the same for others now. It’s important for people to know that there’s a bigger group, and we’re all here!"

Addis Crooks-Jones
Senior Manager, Business Intelligence Engineer

"I work on the team driving the digital transformation for AWS Public Sector in Canada and LATAM. I’m very much Latino, trilingual all day, and this is the first company where I can bring my heritage to the table. Global business requires building relationships and embracing cultural differences. We support the social fabric of the world, and the cloud is a great way to solve a lot of challenges for our customers. It’s compelling to be a part of that story."

Efrain Moreno-Salamanca
Lead, Public Sector Sales Enablement Program Manager

“I am unapologetically Afro-Latina, and my team’s mission is to build and manage programs that meet the needs of and help develop our Latinx talent. The Hispanic/Latinx community isn’t a homogenous group – there’s music and culture and stories and traditions that are very different and varied – and I’m proud that as a community, we embrace this collective diversity.”

Layla Ramirez
Program Director, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

Growing from the ground up.

The strength of our communities at AWS is rooted in the energy invested by countless individuals across the organization – joining conversations, identifying issues, and creating solutions. One great example is Latinos@, the company’s largest Hispanic/Latinx affinity group.

"When I started nine years ago, I was keen on connecting with other Latinos. I wasn’t able to find an easy mechanism, so I created the Latinos@ affinity group. What began as a small networking group in Seattle is now a vibrant community of nearly 7,000 Amazonians around the globe! The group contributes on internal development, mentorship, increasing Latinx representation in the Bar Raiser community, and reviewing products and programs that impact our Latinx customers."

Avit Romano
Senior Client Lead, Talent Acquisition

"I came to AWS through the military apprenticeship program. When I started, I wasn’t aware affinity groups like Latinos@Amazon were allowed to exist, let alone proudly be represented by the employees. The Hispanic/Latinx community at AWS is great, and Latinos@ ensures that opportunities are communicated to members and non-members alike, with a focus on attracting representation. I hope people know that if they join AWS, they can represent proudly."

Edward Avila
Technical Account Manager

"I joined AWS through AWS TechU, a training program for recent college graduates. I was hesitant about the rumors of being overworked and underappreciated, let alone finding a community of Hispanic people. But my cohort was predominantly women engineers of different cultures and races, and my team has a strong emphasis on work/life harmony. I take seriously the opportunity to mentor women and be an example to students and interns who need to see themselves represented in the company. If I hadn’t seen someone like me doing this job, I might not have gotten into it."

Laura Salinas
Startup Solutions Architect

Committed to the core.

Our Hispanic and Latino communities play an essential role in identifying opportunities for AWS to foster a more inclusive and accessible workplace. Many team members also use their expertise and experience to advocate for our Hispanic and Latinx customers, including providing feedback on new products, reviewing content for cultural accuracy, and even providing support for communities impacted by natural disasters.

“The Hispanic community at AWS is dynamic and well connected through Latinos@. I love the culture here, which led me to become a certified Culture of Innovation ambassador. As a Board member at HITEC, Angeles Investors, and the Miami Chamber of Commerce, I would like to see us increase our collaboration with partners like ALPFA, HITEC, and other organizations that are working to increase Hispanic and Latinx representation across our industry.”

Juan-Carlos Gutierrez
LATAM Director, Solutions Architecture and Customer Solutions

“I’ve been in the industry for 30 years, and it was only when I came to AWS three years ago that I experienced a culture of people being accepted and celebrated for who they are and what they bring to their work. We still have areas for improvement, but as a woman, and a woman of Hispanic descent who has ideas, it’s gratifying to feel seen AND heard.”

Ivis Mccollum
Manager, Partner Sales and Go To Market

"Being Hispanic/Latinx is not the only thing I am, but it’s at my core. Through Latinos@, I got involved with the intern buddy program, weekly chats that give interns a place to ask questions not tied to their role. It’s about education and representation. While not all Hispanic individuals share the same experience, it’s important to see others with similar backgrounds achieve."

Luis Jensen
Partner Training Enablement Manager

Meet the artist.

We’re honored to feature textile artist Victoria Villasana, whose work explores history, culture, and how people relate to each other in a fragmented post-digital world. Through pattern geometry and color, she weaves stories to express the resiliency and creativity of the human spirit.

Explore Victoria’s work »

Creating opportunities for change.

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Hiring diverse talent

We believe that a workforce that reflects the global customers we serve is essential to driving innovation and attracting and retaining best-in-field talent. Embracing more perspectives, opinions, and real-world experience is essential for building better solutions for our clients.

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Supporting our communities

We work closely with several Congressional Hispanic Caucus members and support the 5013(c) Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, which provides scholarships to outstanding Latinx students while addressing issues facing the nation and the Hispanic community.

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Partnering for progress

Along with creating career paths within our own company, we partner with outstanding organizations like the Hispanic IT Executive Council (HITEC) to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders.

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Expanding horizons

There are countless pathways for development and learning at AWS. We support our employees’ personal and professional growth, providing a workplace of upskilling, training, and mentorship to help you accelerate your career path and discover new directions.

Read more about our Inclusion, Diversity & Equity efforts »

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