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Amazon’s research teams are looking forward to meeting you at NAACL 2018. Come and visit us at the Amazon booth, and read on for more information about academic collaboration, career opportunities, and our teams.


NAACL 2018 Keynote Speaker

Industry Track: Daniel Marcu

  • Talk title: Building innovative startups, products, and services – personal insights
  • Date/Time: June 3rd, 2pm-3pm
  • Bio: Daniel is a Director of MT/NLP at Amazon. He is a 2014 fellow of ACL for significant contributions to discourse parsing, summarization and machine translation and for kick starting the statistical machine translation industry.
  • Abstract: During the last 15 years, NLP&ML scientists have started to explore with increased persistence how to turn science into successful startups and how to incorporate cutting edge research into innovative products and services. In this talk, I will review lessons learned from my personal experience in this area.
NAACL 2018 Workshops
NAACL 2018 Publications
  • "A Scalable Neural Shortlisting-Reranking Approach for Large-Scale Domain Classification in Natural Language Understanding" | Authors: Young-Bum Kim, Dongchan Kim, Joo-Kyung Kim, Ruhi Sarikaya
  • "Integrating Stance Detection and Fact Checking in a Unified Corpus | Authors: Ramy Baly, Mitra Mohtarami, James Glass, Lluís MàrquezAlessandro Moschitti, Preslav Nakov
  • "What we need to learn if we want to do and not just talk" | Authors: Rashmi Gangadharaiah, Balakrishnan Narayanaswamy, Charles Elkan
  • "Selecting Machine-Translated Data for Quick Bootstrapping of a Natural Language Understanding System" | Authors: Judith Gaspers, Penny Karanasou, Rajen Chatterjee
  • "Fast and Scalable Expansion of Natural Language Understanding Functionality for Intelligent Agents" | Authors: Anuj Kumar Goyal, Angeliki Metallinou, Spyros Matsoukas
  • "Automatic Stance Detection Using End-to-End Memory Networks" | Authors: Mitra Mohtarami, Ramy Baly, James Glass, Preslav Nakov, Lluís MàrquezAlessandro Moschitti
  • "FEVER: a Large-scale Dataset for Fact Extraction and VERification" | Authors: James Thorne, Andreas Vlachos, Christos Christodoulopoulos, Arpit Mittal
  • "Learning Word Embeddings for Low-resource Languages by PU Learning" | Authors: Chao Jiang, Hsiang-Fu Yu, Cho-Jui Hsieh, Kai-Wei Chang
  • "The Alexa Meaning Representation Language" | Authors: Thomas Kollar, Danielle Berry, Lauren Stuart, Karolina Owczarzak, Tagyoung Chung, Lambert Mathias, Michael Kayser, Bradford Snow, Spyros Matsoukas
  • "Fast Lexically Constrained Decoding with Dynamic Beam Allocation for Neural Machine Translation" | Authors: Matt Post, David Vilar 
  • "Learning Hidden Unit Contribution for Adapting Neural Machine Translation Models" | Author: David Vilar
    "Demand-Weighted Completeness Prediction for a Knowledge Base" | Authors: Andrew Hopkinson, Amit Gurdasani, Dave Palfrey, Arpit Mittal
  • "Unsupervised Induction of Linguistic Categories with Records of Reading, Speaking, and Writing" | Authors: Maria Barrett, Ana Valeria Gonzalez-Garduño, Lea Frermann, Anders Søgaard
Internships for PhD Students

We offer internships year-round, with opportunities in Seattle, San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Cupertino, New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Cambridge (UK) and Aachen and Berlin (DE). To apply, email your resume to or apply to one of the postings below.


Job Opportunities for Graduating Students and Experienced Researchers

We are looking for results-driven individuals who can apply advanced machine learning techniques, love to work with data, are deeply technical, and highly innovative. If you long for the opportunity to invent and build solutions to challenging problems that directly impact the way Amazon transforms the consumer experience, we are the place for you. Apply to one of the job postings below or send your resume directly to


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Research Grants

In partnership with Machine Learning@Amazon, AWS offers up to $20,000 in compute tokens each quarter to professors and students. Academics have used these grants for projects ranging from Hack End weekends to massive MRI imaging projects. AWS provides building blocks for developing applications ranging from Elastic MapReduce for Hadoop analytics to fast and scalable storage with Amazon DynamoDB. Learn more & apply here.


Amazon Research Awards

ARA is an unrestricted gift to recognize exceptional faculty, and fund projects leading toward a PhD degree or conducted as a part of post-doctoral work. Each selected proposal is assigned an Amazon research contact, as we believe that both sides benefit from direct interaction on the topic of their research. We invite ARA recipients to visit Amazon offices worldwide to give talks related to their work and meet with our research groups face-to-face. We encourage ARA recipients to publish the outcome of the project and commit any related code to open source code repositories. Learn more here.


Alexa Prize

The Alexa Prize is an annual competition for university students dedicated to accelerating the field of conversational AI. Learn more at


Amazon Scholars

Amazon Scholars is a new program for academic leaders to work with Amazon in a flexible capacity, ranging from part-time to full-time research roles. Learn more at:


Diversity at Amazon

We are a company of builders working on behalf of a global customer base. Diversity is core to our leadership principles, as we seek diverse perspectives so that we can be “Right, A Lot”. We welcome people from all backgrounds and perspectives to innovate with us. Learn more at


Publishing at Amazon

Amazon is committed to innovating at the frontiers of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our scientists are encouraged to engage in the research community in the form of written publications, open source code and public datasets. We have instituted a new, fast-track publication approval process, to help share our research efforts as quickly as possible, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.


Meet a few Amazonians working in NLP

Natural Language Processing at Amazon

"I spoke to the future and it listened" - Gizmodo

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Amazon Lex - Quickly Build Conversational Interfaces

With Amazon Lex, the same deep learning technologies that power Amazon Alexa are now available to any developer.

Learn more about Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech, making it easy to add voice to your website, mobile app, or device.

Introducing the Alexa Prize

The Alexa Prize is an annual competition for university students dedicated to accelerating the field of conversational AI.

2017 Alexa Prize Finals

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