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Applied Scientists are specialists with deep expertise in at least one scientific discipline that applies to Amazon’s business challenges. They also have a broad knowledge in data structures and algorithms and understand algorithmic and implementation tradeoffs.

As an Applied Scientist working in Operations Technology, you will:

  • Analyze complex datasets used to make decisions regarding real-world applications
  • Drive the design, development, and execution of scientific research projects and data models
  • Implement models and algorithms to improve the performance of existing systems, processes, and products
  • Perform data analysis and provide visualizations
  • Use modeling, simulation, and optimization to design processes, algorithms, and prediction/classification systems
  • Investigate the applicability of new approaches to business problems and products by combining theory and experimentation
  • Quantify business impact and influence go/no-go decisions on corporate initiatives
  • Solve analysis problems that improve Amazon’s products and advance our scientific knowledge
  • Write software code that is built and deployed in production systems

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