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At Amazon, a systems development engineer is a software developer with strong distributed system, OS, storage, or network administration skills, focusing on engineering and operations improvements, automation, and tools. They are builders who help with effective development of applications and distributed systems. Other companies may call people with these skills Site Reliability Engineers, DevOps Engineers, or Systems Administrators depending on how those organizations view these skills.

In Operations Technology, we are seeking people who are passionate about automation, operational excellence, and infrastructure. You might be classically trained or entirely self-taught. Either way, you love to learn. Your technology toolkit is wide, but there is probably one area you specialize in. You can efficiently solve problems with code, hardware, networking, or storage within complex systems by diving deep to troubleshoot and diagnose technical outages. All while developing best practices to ensure we’re providing customers with high-availability services.

Network Development Engineers are innovators and creators, and key players in helping Amazon fulfill our delivery promises to our customers. As a Network Development Engineer, you’ll create new network designs, configure routing protocols and operational/deployment processes, and create new tools and automate functions that will allow us to scale beyond any other enterprise networking environment. We develop ideas that increase our control but also simplify our networks.

Take on unprecedented challenges to provide a better experience for our customers. Come build the future with us.

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