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Research Scientists are specialists with deep expertise in at least one scientific discipline that applies to Amazon’s business challenges. They investigate the feasibility of applying scientific principles and concepts to business problems and products.

As a Research Scientist in Operations Technology, you will:

  • Analyze complex data sets used to make decisions regarding real-world applications
  • Drive the design, development, and execution of scientific research projects and data models
  • Implement models and algorithms to improve the performance of existing systems, processes, and products
  • Use a broad range of data structures and algorithms to quantify business impact
  • Perform data analysis and provide visualizations
  • Use modeling, simulation, and optimization to design processes, algorithms, and prediction/classification systems
  • Investigate the applicability of new approaches to business problems and products by combining theory and experimentation
  • Quantify business impact and influence go/no-go decisions on corporate initiatives
  • Solve analysis problems that improve Amazon’s products and advance our scientific knowledge
  • Develop offline code for new applications of Operations research or Machine Learning models

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