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Working in a dynamic and fast paced environment, our customer service team is continuously raising the bar on customer experience by advocating and inventing for customers, playing a key role in leading the way towards Amazon’s ultimate goal to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. “We are a company of pioneers. It’s our job to make bold bets, and we get our energy from inventing on behalf of our customers.” – Jeff Bezos, CEO.

Our innovative Engineering departments design, implement, and maintain our fulfillment centers. This encompasses several different areas – process engineering, capacity/demand planning, material handling equipment design and implementation, fulfillment center project management, construction management, and packaging engineering. In turn, there’s opportunity for professional growth.

Amazon has dozens of locations around the world, which means we need people to keep those buildings in tip-top shape. Our facilities and maintenance teammates do just that.

The team supports the delivery of great customer service by ensuring that employees work in a healthy and safe way at work. They insist on the highest standards of health, safety and welfare in the workplace and partner with other departments to achieve a continually improving performance. Their involvement ranges from undertaking routine daily equipment and process inspections on site to influencing policy, process, building and equipment design.

Our Human Resource professionals are hands-on generalists that act both tactically and strategically to maximize employee engagement and development. These critical roles are high-touch and customer-focused, and require our HR leaders to partner heavily with operations to support our associates. By being approachable and genuine, Amazon's HR leaders keep our employees engaged and satisfied so that our fulfillment centers can remain the most innovative and nimble on Earth.

Amazon Logistics is helping independent local delivery companies to grow their businesses and adds capacity and flexibility to Amazon’s delivery network to meet increasing customer demand. Amazon’s 20+ years of operational expertise, technology advancements and investment in transportation infrastructure is enabling faster delivery for customers than ever before, seven days a week. Packages are shipped to the delivery stations from Amazon fulfillment and sortation centres and loaded onto vehicles to get delivered to customers.

Fulfillment center operations are made up of inbound and outbound departments. Our managers are on the floor leading teams as large as 150+ associates. They must exude positive energy and motivate others. Managers have complete responsibility for inbound operations, outbound operations and/or a functional process responsibility within the fulfillment centers. Our leaders must be able to effectively delegate, gather data and offer ideas for continuous improvement.

Our Finance teams don’t just provide data, but own strategy, drive development, and influence their business partners. This requires strong finance acumen and use of quantitative analysis to create new processes. Backgrounds in finance, supply chain, logistics and manufacturing help our leaders guide the Operations business in creating fiscally responsible policies and ultimately transferring the cost savings to our customers.

We use various carriers to ship products and constantly develop our plans with them as their structures develop and our processes improve. We are managing carrier performance, optimising costs, and negotiating contracts – all in order to achieve the very best experience for our customers. We also travel regularly to make sure each fulfilment centre follows best practices. If you’re quick-thinking, enjoy solving problems, like to make things happen, and are ready to take ownership of your actions, you’ll thrive here.

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