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Piloting the Part-Time Team Initiative

The vast majority of our employees have hours that work for them. We also know of some great technical talent—both at Amazon and elsewhere—that need a part time schedule. We want these talented individuals inventing with us at Amazon, so the HR team has been thinking about new ways to make that possible. That’s why we’re piloting the Part-Time Team Initiative. As part of this pilot, the entire teams will be part-time. They will all work 30 hours a week, with core hours (M-Th, 10am-2pm). These part-time employees will still receive the same benefits as employees scheduled for 40 hours per week.

We are building new ways for employees to connect with one another. We’re innovating one of the most complex employee systems in the world – ensuring that our employees have a seamless way of connecting to Amazon and one another. We need big thinkers and pioneers – technologists who are ready to innovate. Learn more about People Technology here.

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