Why Amazon?

We started in a Seattle Garage, and now we are the largest online retailer, with over 560,000 employees around the world. We are one of the fastest growing companies around the world.

We are currently not hiring, if you are interested in Joining us and working in our distribution center in 2020, Please continue to follow this recruitment site.


I am looking for a managerial, or specialist role (Prague-Dejvice, Dobrovíz)

As a company, we focus on innovation, as an employer on the satisfaction and development of our employees. At our distribution center in Dobrovíz we offer work for the positions of the distribution center staff, but also a wide range of managerial and professional positions. We collaborate with universities and create space for the career growth of young university graduates. A list of all open positions and a description of how to apply for a job is here.

Take a look at our distribution center and check out how we work, from recieve of order to it’s distribution.

My day at Amazon.

Have a look inside the distribution center in Dobrovíz and together with Adam listen to what our employees say about their jobs.

Meet the people

We met our team and asked them a few questions. Here is what they told us.