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New jobs in Amazon! We offer various roles, including supervisors, in our Fulfillment center near Prague

As the world’s largest online retailer you will be able to find everything. Working in a logistics environment, where you can earn up to 27 900 Kč per month. Our recruitment campaign for 2017 has started! If you are interested in working at one of our recruitment centers in Dobroviz, near Prague, please contact one of our recruitment agencies. We also have a number of exciting positions in Dejvice, in Prague. For information about all roles, go to this page.

Why Amazon?

We started in a Seattle Garage, and now we are the largest online retailer, with 123 fulfillment centers and 230,000 employees around the world.  We are one of the fastest growing companies around the world.

Come to Amazon

If you are interested in a direct employment with Amazon, please use this free number and call Amazon team:

  • 800 111 500

(Opening hours 8:00am – 5:00pm)

If you are interested in a temporary job at Amazon, call one of our partner agencies and ask for more information:

  • Adecco: 800 100 500
  • Randstad: 800 856 856

(Opening hours: 8:00am – 8:00pm)

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Fulfillment center
Dobrovíz (CZ)

Warehouse Associate (Amazon direct contract)
Warehouse Associate (Adecco) Full-time
Warehouse Associate (Adecco) Part-time
Warehouse Associate (Randstad) Full-time
Warehouse Associate (Randstad) Part-time

Customer returns center Dobrovíz (CZ)

Warehouse Associate (Adecco) Full-time
Warehouse Associate (Adecco) Part-time
Warehouse Associate (Randstad) Full-time
Warehouse Associate (Randstad) Part-time
High Volume Hiring Lead

What we offer you in Amazon Dobroviz

Work in one of our centers in Dobroviz and earn up to 27,900Kc per month and you could get additional benefits:

  • Supervisor salaries start at 170kc per hour, plus up to 10% bonus
  • Worker salaried are 125kc per hour, plus up to a 10% bonus
  • 5 weeks vacation
  • Lunch for only 25 Kč
  • Free tea, coffee and water
  • Free shipping
  • Rotating shift pattern, between days and nights
  • Labour-Medical services
  • 4 working days a week in one of the following schemes: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • Pension savings and life insurance with invalidity insurance
  • Innovative Career Choice Education Program
  • Direct train connection from Prague Masaryk Train Station fully covered by Amazon
  • In Dobrovíz, Amazon provides FREE pick up from around 50 stops:
    Bus stations: Kladno, Slaný, Litvínov, Most, Teplice, Chomutov, Usti nad Labem, Litoměřice, Příbram, Benešov, Jeneč, Mělník, Lovosice, Postoloprty, Dobroměřice, Louny, Žatec
  • Bus stop (Prague): Anděl - Knížecí, Roztyly AN, Barrandov Chaplinovo náměstí, Zličín, Halenkovská. Černý most, Kabešova
  • Railway stations: Prague Masarykovo nádraží, Prague - Bubny, Prague - Dejvice, Prague Veleslavin, Prague Ruzyne, Hostivice, Jenec, Houstoun near Prague, Dobrovíz

I am looking for a managerial, or specialist role (Prague-Dejvice, Dobrovíz)

As a company, we focus on innovation, as an employer we encourage and support progression and development of our employees.  At the corporate office in Dejvice, Prague, we employ specialists in a wide range of areas, such as IT or human resources.  In our centers in Dobrovíz we offer a wide range of managerial and professional positions.  New summer placements for students or a number of positions suitable for fresh graduates of universities are also available. A list of all open positions and a description of how to apply for a job is here.