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Delivering innovative solutions

Our systems, security, and quality engineers support some of the largest databases in the world. Our engineers validate and solve complex customer problems. We design and implement systems that deliver exceptional experiences for our customers while ensuring the safety of their data.

System Development Engineering: You'll work with people who are passionate about automation, and you'll find ways to remove manual processes. You'll evaluate, maintain, and implement changes to infrastructure and applications that support development tools. You'll design, develop, and deploy testing to enable continuous integration. You'll also create best practices for complex systems and deliver high quality for our customers.

Security Engineering: Our roles shape and execute the security model for Alexa and Amazon Devices & Services. On this team, you'll address complex, technical challenges. You'll work with engineering teams to solve or remediate problems for our customers. You'll work across functions to assess risk and deliver countermeasures that protect customer and company data.

Quality Engineering: Our roles are focused on the operational excellence of Alexa and Amazon Devices & Services. Here, you'll be a pioneer in testing initiatives, owning the approach, strategy, and key deliverables. You'll use state-of-the art automation frameworks and tools. On our team, you’ll help deliver cutting-edge products into the hands of millions of people.

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