I learn every day.

"I started working in Amazon in October 2015 and since then I can truly say there hasn’t been even one day when I didn’t learn something new. Amazon gave me my first job after I graduated and my first assignment was to learn how to become people’s leader, as I was immediately given the responsibility to lead a team. Amazon gives me enormous support along the way – multiple trainings both in-person and online, in Poland and abroad, as well as mentoring and, of course, access to everyone across the organization" Maksymiliana


I manage a great team.

"I started my journey with Amazon 8 months ago and immediately became a leader of 150 people. My responsibility is to engage them and, while doing so, meet Amazon’s very high people management standards. My job is far more than delivering on our promise to the customers. My job is to make sure I develop my team to their full potential, help them advance their careers, and work together with them to overcome any challenges and celebrate success". Hubert


I work with the brightest minds.

"I joined Amazon over a year ago and I believe I’m most impressed by the people who surround me, working with me side by side to make sure that we are one of the most innovative companies in the world. Without their knowledge and commitment, it wouldn’t be possible. I take lots of joy from leading my team and ensuring their growth while supporting the company’s growth. Being an engineer, I also work closely with the engineering teams who bring in the newest technologies, including robotics, to our sites. Sometimes, I wonder what is going to be the next big thing". Grzegorz


I am given autonomy to think strategically and make decisions.

"I started working for Amazon 6 months ago and what I appreciate the most is that I can use analytics not only to recommend solutions but also to implement them. I was given a managerial position just after graduating and with that came the responsibility to make decisions when needed. One of my favorite Amazon leadership principles is bias for action. We are encouraged to take ownership and responsibility even if it sometimes means going outside of our areas of responsibility and specific roles. I am encouraged to think big and deliver. If you like that, too, join us".  Wojciech


I work in one of the fastest growing global companies.

"I started to work in Amazon in December during the peak season, when customer orders increase immensely. I immediately understood that growth is Amazon’s middle name. We delivered millions of products to hundreds of countries worldwide every week! But actually, we are making history every day by implementing new solutions, investing in new areas, and exploring new possibilities. In Poland, we really work with the newest technologies in Amazon’s portfolio. We have already brought in the most advanced hardware available in our network and we are expecting to bring in even more. If you like a fast-paced and dynamic environment to work in, as I do, Amazon is the right place for you". Michał


I progress my career.

"I started my Amazon journey in August 2015, and I have already been promoted! I very much appreciate that I have a clear development plan for my career here, as well as the support of mentors who encourage me and others to move up within the company. Sometimes, it seems like there are endless opportunities waiting for us. Not only can we quickly be promoted to senior positions within operations, we can explore different business units across Amazon including logistics, customer service, and retail. We are invited to join launch teams across Europe to teach us how to set up Fulfillment Center operations as we keep on expanding our network. You name it, we’ve got it". Agata



Interested in working for Amazon Operations?

We're currently looking for 60 PhD, Master's degree and Bachelor students with diverse backgrounds to become our future leaders.

At Amazon, you’ll put a lot in to your work so you deserve to get a lot out. These are just some of the benefits you can look forward to:

  • A competitive salary
  • Sign-in bonus
  • Restricted stock units
  • Employee discounts
  • Private healthcare
  • Life Insurance
  • 26 days of holidays from the beginning
  • Multisport card

Your compensation is reviewed every year and is linked to your performance and how well you bring our Leadership Principles to life.
We have other, more intangible rewards too – like our commitment to your development, a refreshing lack of hierarchy, the chance to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry, plenty of team spirit and an informal atmosphere – suits and ties are few and far between at Amazon:

  • We're non-traditional, no dress code
  • We've got a flat organisational structure with flexibility to move around the company and a commitment to your development
  • We’re a company of builders: we innovate on behalf of our customers
  • You can expect to own and drive projects from day 1

Take a look at the below roles to find your place!