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Operations Opportunities for Students in Europe

At Amazon, we strive to be the most customer-centric company on Earth. We are continually evolving - we are a place where motivated employees thrive and ownership and accountability lead to meaningful results.

Are you ready to champion outstanding customer service and create solutions to solve tomorrow’s problems today? With every order made and parcel delivered, customer demand at Amazon is growing. To meet this demand and keep our world-class service running smoothly, we're hiring graduates and students to grow our Operations teams across Europe.

The scale of our customer obsession will drive you to experiment, take risks, learn quickly, and seek out ways to accomplish more with less. You will become a catalyst for change and innovation in our fulfillment centres, enabling us to create products and services that transform the way people live their lives.You’ll have the chance to work with experienced leaders who will give you insight into our business and the required skills for Area Manager, Shift Manager, and HR Partner roles.

Come join us and build the future of Operations.

Full-time roles:

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Area Managers motivate and coach teams of fulfillment associates to invent new strategies and help improve our customer experience. They maintain the highest levels of safety, quality, customer service, and productivity in our fulfillment centres.

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Shift Managers manage a team and lead by example. They are responsible for the training and integration of their team, while constantly driving improvements, exercising sound judgement, and making sure progress and targets are realistic and achievable.

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Human Resources Partners promote and maintain positive employee relations for associates and managers in Amazon's fulfillment centres. They provide leadership within areas including benefits and compensation, leaves of absence, and performance management, and assist with recruitment and retention activities.

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Ines B.

Area Manager, AMZL

Ines is a “boomerang” employee - after leaving in 2018 to spend time in Australia, she decided to rejoin the Amazon Ops life in September 2019. She has been on the launch teams for multiple sites across Germany, and moving from one delivery station to another and serving in multiple roles has shaped her tremendously. Most recently, she moved from Kassel to Mannheim, and it was a challenge transitioning from one of the smallest sites in Germany to one of the largest.

Ines remembers being excited and nervous about joining Amazon at first, but she found the whole team to be lovely and welcoming. Her first day in Operations consisted of safety training and a ride-along with a delivery associate, where she delivered 170 packages to customers and learned what life as an AMZL driver is like.

In her spare time, Ines likes to dance salsa and cook delicious vegan meals.

Kristina S.

Recruiter, Ops HR Field

Kristina’s journey is the perfect example of how a career at Amazon can develop. She started as a temporary associate, and she used all the opportunities Amazon provided to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to progress her career. She recently joined the Campus Recruitment team as a Recruiter and is now filling graduate and internship roles for Amazon Operations in the UK.

Kristina’s day-to-day now consists of looking for potential future leaders, running interview panels, contacting successful candidates, and performing all other recruitment activities. Every day is different, and she is empowered to structure her day in a way that ensures all tasks are completed. She’s excited to start this new chapter of her Amazon journey.

Rebecca P.

Area Manager, AMZL

Rebecca grew up in Germany, but left to attend University in the United States, which was an unforgettable experience for her. After Uni, she returned to her beloved home near the Rhine and began her Amazon career as a Shift Manager before being promoted to her current role as Area Manager. She takes pride in ensuring AMZL customers have an incredible delivery experience.

As a former professional athlete prior to joining Amazon, sport is an important part of Rebecca's life. She feels that when leaders listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully they create the breeding ground for a successful team, whether on the field or in a fulfillment center.

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