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AWS is excited to be a part of the VLDB Conference this year as a Gold Sponsor.

Engineers, Researchers and Managers from across Amazon will be in attendance at VLDB in Rio De Janeiro!  We are excited to share with you the work we are doing related to databases. Stop by our booth to learn more!

Amazon Publications at VLDB:

  • CERES: Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction from the Semi-Structured Web, Colin Lockard, Xin Luna Dong, Prashant Shiralkar, Arash Einolghozati
  • Automating Large-Scale Data Quality Verification, Sebastian Schelter, Dustin Lange, Philipp Schmidt, Meltem Celikel, Felix Biessmann, Andreas Grafberger
  • Query Fresh: Log Shipping on Steroids. 406 - 419. Tianzheng Wang, Ryan Johnson, Ippokratis Pandis

Amazon Tutorials:

  • Data Integration and Machine Learning: a Natural Synergy, by Xin Luna Dong (Amazon, USA) and Theodoros Rekatsinas (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison, USA).
  • Forecasting Big Time Series: Old and New, by Christos Faloutsos (Carnegie Mellon Univ. and Amazon Research, USA), Jan Gasthaus, Tim Januschowski and Yuyang Wang (Amazon Research, USA).

Teams Attending VLDB:

Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora is a MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible relational database built for the cloud, that combines the performance and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases.  Aurora is up to five times faster than standard MySQL databases and three times faster than standard PostgreSQL databases. It provides the security, availability, and reliability of commercial-grade databases at 1/10th the cost. Aurora is fully managed by Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), which automates time-consuming administration tasks like hardware provisioning, database setup, patching, and backups. Amazon Aurora remains the fastest growing service in the history of AWS. Its a team of database technologists who continue to innovate with new features. Members of the product team had technical papers published at both ACM SIGMOD 2017 and ACM SIGMOD 2018.

Amazon DynamoDB

Fast, Consistent Performance - DynamoDB is designed to deliver consistent, fast performance at any scale for all applications.

Event Driven Programming - DynamoDB integrates with AWS Lambda to provide triggers, which enable you to architect applications that automatically react to data changes.

Fully Managed - DynamoDB is a fully managed, nonrelational database service—you simply create a database table, set your target utilization for auto scaling, and let the service handle the rest.

Amazon Redshift & Amazon Redshift Spectrum

Fast - Amazon Redshift delivers fast query performance by using columnar storage technology to improve I/O efficiency and by parallelizing queries across multiple nodes.

Scalable - You can easily resize your cluster up and down as your performance and capacity needs change with just a few clicks in the console or a simple API call.

Compatible - Amazon Redshift supports standard SQL and provides custom JDBC and ODBC drivers that you can download from the console, allowing you to use a wide range of familiar SQL clients.

Data Lake - Amazon Redshift can process PBs of data in open file formats directly from the Amazon S3 data lake.

Amazon AI

Amazon AI is looking for world class scientists and engineers to join its Algorithms group. This group is entrusted with developing core data mining and machine learning algorithms for AWS. At the Algorithms group at Amazon AI you will invent, implement, and deploy state of the art machine learning algorithms and systems. You will build prototypes and explore conceptually new solutions. You will interact closely with our customers and with the academic community. You will be at the heart of a growing and exciting focus area for AWS and work with other acclaimed engineers and world famous scientists.

Job Opportunities, Academic Collaboration Opportunities and Internships:

Internships for PhD Students

We offer 3-6 month internships year-round, with opportunities in Seattle, San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Cupertino, New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Cambridge (UK) and Aachen and Berlin (DE). To apply, visit

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Research Grants

In partnership with Machine Learning@Amazon, AWS offers up to $20,000 in compute tokens each quarter to professors and students. Academics have used these grants for projects ranging from Hack End weekends to massive MRI imaging projects. AWS provides building blocks for developing applications ranging from Elastic MapReduce for Hadoop analytics to fast and scalable storage with Amazon DynamoDB. Learn more & apply here.

Amazon Research Awards

ARA is an unrestricted gift to recognize exceptional faculty, and fund projects leading toward a PhD degree or conducted as a part of post-doctoral work. Each selected proposal is assigned an Amazon research contact, as we believe that both sides benefit from direct interaction on the topic of their research. We invite ARA recipients to visit Amazon offices worldwide to give talks related to their work and meet with our research groups face-to-face. We encourage ARA recipients to publish the outcome of the project and commit any related code to open source code repositories. Learn more here.

Publishing at Amazon

The focus at Amazon is on building and delivering innovative products that will impact millions of customers. We also have a strong emphasis on open source development around MXNet deep learning package that can lead to publishable research. We have a new publication process for scientists, and topics are reviewed by the Amazon Publication Committee. So far, over 40 papers have gone through the publication process, including accepted papers at SIGMOD, KDD, NIPS, ACL, RecSys, ICML, and Interspeech.

Job Opportunities for Senior Academics

Amazon is looking for the best and the brightest to help us drive solutions for our customers. We have a recruiting team specifically dedicated to helping senior academics explore placements at Amazon for full-time or consulting called Strategic Recruiting and Academic Relations

Job Opportunities for Senior Engineers:

Principal, Senior Principal, and Distinguished Engineers are Amazon's most senior individual technical contributors. Amazon’s Principal Engineer Community sets the standard for engineering excellence at Amazon.  The community is comprised of Principal, Senior Principal, and Distinguished Engineers who are responsible for driving Amazon’s overall technical architecture. Principal Engineers at Amazon are pragmatic visionaries. They make a lasting impact that echoes through the technology, the product, and the company. They work on Amazon’s hardest problems, building high quality, architecturally sound systems that are aligned with our business needs. They remain hands-on and lead by example. By being close to the details, they earn the respect needed to be effective technical leaders. Principal Engineers bring clarity to complexity and demonstrate smart ways to simplify. They are leaders and mentors, setting excellent examples for their local teams and the entire Amazon engineering community. They meet regularly to question each other’s assumptions, illuminate pitfalls, and foster shared understanding across all groups at Amazon. For more information on the Principal Engineering Community at Amazon, visit


Meet Amazonians working in AWS@VLDB