Luxembourg City


About Luxembourg City

Bordered on all sides by its much larger neighbours – Belgium, France and Germany – Luxembourg is the world's only remaining sovereign Grand Duchy. Although small, the country has a highly developed economy and according to the IMF, the highest GDP per capita of any country. Housing and schools are of a very high quality, and the standard of living is equally impressive.

Luxembourg is incredibly diverse. There are three official languages – French, German and Luxembourgish – and the number of foreign residents accounts for over 40% of the total population. The landscape is characterised by rolling farmlands, dotted with pristine, pastel-toned houses and medieval hilltop castles.

Luxembourg itself is home to the Old City Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as world-class restaurants, numerous shopping centres and many luxury stores, plus an exceptional array of cultural venues. And once you’ve explored all the districts, Luxembourg’s small size and central location mean that travelling ‘abroad' may only require getting in your car and driving a few kilometres down the road. Paris is just two hours away by TGV, as are other cultural centres like Brussels, Strasbourg and Koln.

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