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About Zaragoza


Zaragoza: a key location for Amazon in Spain and in Europe...

Amazon has three logistics sites in Zaragoza. They all play a central role in supporting our operations in Spain and the rest of Europe. The city of Zaragoza is located at the exact midpoint between Madrid and Barcelona, and not far from the South of France, which makes it one of the best-connected cities in Spain. Its great connections by train, plane and road mean it’s a key logistics location for us.

... and a great place to live!

Zaragoza is also a great place to live! With close to one million people, it’s a medium-size Spanish city where you’ll find all the perks of a big city (great places to eat, drink, visit and shop, cinemas, cultural events…) and little of its drawbacks: traffic is fluid and living costs are very reasonable.

Living here, you quickly get acquainted with one of the city’s trademarks: the regional wind called Cierzo that powers numerous wind turbines, which are an integral part of the landscape.

Our three logistics facilities

Our fulfilment centre ZAZ1

ZAZ1, located in the Plaza industrial estate, is used to store and manage small and large products, and fill customers orders. The products, such as books, toys, and houseware, are picked, packed and shipped in Spain and throughout Europe. Since ZAZ1 is located in a logistics platform, employees enjoy many services available there such as a big shopping centre, cinemas and a kids’ centre, as well as a great park, the Parque Lineal Plaza, with a lake, natural labyrinths, and sports areas.

Our sorting facility ZAZ8

That's where we receive customer orders, order them by final destination, and process them to ensure the fastest deliveries. The site is located just outside the city of Zaragoza, in the industrial park Centrovía. ZAZ8 is surrounded by hills and green spaces, and is directly connected to the main road that links Zaragoza to Madrid. There is a big parking area for employees, including some charging spots for electrical vehicles. With the village of La Muela just 5 minutes away by car, ZAZ8 is close to many parks, restaurants, gyms and a variety of shops – including restaurants in the industrial park itself.

Our delivery station DZG2

DZG2 is a last-mile hub located near our logistics centre, and helps speed deliveries to customers in the Aragon region. The site is very close to ZAZ1 and the large green space of Parque Lineal Plaza. A car park is available for staff as well as a canteen and restaurants close by.

And if you like playing golf, all our sites are near the La Peñaza Golf Club, where you can practice before or after work!

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