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Reinventing Digital Advertising

Reinventing Digital Advertising.

Our teams strive to reinvent the way advertisers and agencies build brands and drive performance in their advertising. By using Amazon's foundation in e-commerce, we help brands connect with the right customers through creative solutions and formats across screens and devices, and in the physical world.

About Us

Software Engineering and QA

By leveraging Amazon's core advertising platform, the complete suite of AWS services, and leading open-source technologies, we are pioneering major innovations of scale, advertising relevance and rich creative experience. With channels across diverse product lines and Amazon's unique combination of real-time shopping data, our engineers are paving new roads in data-driven advertising.

Applied Science and Data Engineering

Amazon's advertising solutions are built on top of signals from millions of active customer accounts. We are a culture of builders, and we seek leaders in data engineering, analytics, and research science who want to crystallize data insights and analytic solutions into scaled products.


We put our customers first in everything we do at Amazon, including in our approach to advertising. Our designers take ownership over projects ranging from creating new advertising formats to building self-service interfaces for advertisers to launch their own ads.

Product Management

Product Managers are both visionaries and builders, working backwards from customers and advertisers alike to launch and scale creative solutions that are impactful and measurable for our advertisers, while also ensuring that Amazon's ads are relevant and engaging for our customers.

Marketing Content and Communications

Channel, content, and product marketers facilitate the ongoing conversation between advertisers and Amazon's product and sales teams. From building messaging for keynote presentations at marquee industry events to preparing go-to-market plans for new product launches, marketers are responsible for end-to-end execution.

Sales and Account Management

Sales and Account Management teams partner with brands to work backwards from how customers engage with their products across Amazon's digital mediums. Account Executives prepare media plans incorporating display, video, search, social and programmatic offerings to meet a range of advertiser goals, from creating awareness of new products to increasing sales during seasonal periods.

Program Management

Program Manager Opportunities are available across several areas, from analytics and ad optimization to training and advertiser engagement. Program Managers own a piece of our ad business from conception and scoping of a new program, product, or feature, through launch and scaling.

Finance and Analysis

Finance maintains a holistic look at the impact of advertising across Amazon, guiding planning for our growing business and evaluating investments in new offerings. Leaders who seek to model how advertising drives the Amazon flywheel and can navigate metrics from weekly business reviews and three-year plans should review the roles below.

Amazon Advertising

Careers at Amazon Advertising

Our teams strive to reinvent the way advertisers and agencies build brands and drive performance in their advertising.

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