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AWS Elemental

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Help perfect the media experience

We are looking for great candidates to help revolutionize the way people watch video.

Why join AWS Elemental?

Our mission is to perfect organizations on the planet, combining a global presence with a start-up feel. Our industry expertise and extensive resources offer a unique opportunity for individual career development. On a team that brings together seasoned veterans and those just starting out, you'll enjoy these workplace advantages:

You will be part of a remarkable team

AWS Elemental is filled with passionate and brilliant personnel. You will work with and learn from video algorithm experts, distributed systems specialists, a global sales team, and the best marketers in the business – and that’s just a small sampling of our team. Help us continue to innovate further in virtually any discipline, on the cutting-edge.

You will join an exciting industry

Video is ubiquitous and market advances occur quickly. You'll be working with emerging and forward-looking technologies, helping amazing customers address complex challenges. You’ll never stop learning here!

Your role is out of the box and so is your thought process

You're going to work hard and see the results of your efforts quickly. This is a high-performance culture that values self-starters who drive from the white board to release in record time.

You will be led by people with perspective

Our founders are engineers at the core – and a few still code like it’s day one. We're a software company with our hands in every part of the stack. Your talents and contributions won't be lost on the leadership here.

You'll enjoy mission-oriented work at a company that is already an industry leader on a global scale. And of course, hard work is rewarded. Benefits and perks abound.


There are currently no open jobs in AWS Elemental