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Employee Resource Center

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The team that powers Amazon’s employee resource centers and ensures that all Amazonians receive efficient, empathetic support for their HR needs

Amazonians helping Amazonians.

The Employee Resource Center (ERC) is an HR partner available to Amazonians 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. We are one of the world’s largest HR contact centers and support employees and alumni through phone and chat. We offer accurate and timely responses to inquiries on a broad range of questions.

We serve our colleagues, who are our customers, and engage with more Amazonians than almost anyone at Amazon. This means we know the size, depth, and breadth of employee needs and work relentlessly to improve experiences. We are disruptive in challenging broken processes and policies internally.

We empower our team through tools, training, coaching, and strong leadership with the goal of delivering empathetic and delightful experiences. We are hiring across our teams, including managers and individual contributors, seeking candidates with a passion for problem-solving and delivering exceptional experiences. Apply today!

There are currently no open jobs in Employee Resource Center