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Alexa Auto

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Take Alexa on-the-go

At Amazon, we reimagine how on-the-go experiences embrace voice technology and enable customers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. We’ve enabled customers to remotely warm their car in the morning, find and book parking in a new city, play games while on a family road trip, and even navigate to a precise three-meter square. And we’re just getting started – it’s always day 1!


Working with global automakers, suppliers, and aftermarket device makers we help enable hands-free experiences like this one with Chevrolet. We also develop exciting Alexa experiences directly for our customers like Ride to Win. Our team builds digital in-cabin voice-enabled experiences for the car through a variety of technologies, building and releasing open source code on GitHub. We have released 2 major versions of Auto SDK on GitHub and continue to improve the experience for developers and end users with updates between major releases.


Our solution supports four core domains: Car Control, Entertainment, Communications and Navigation. Many automakers are integrating Alexa in their vehicles. We demonstrated a couple of those integrations with Lamborghini and Rivian at CES2020.


At Amazon, we believe that voice is the simplest, most natural way to communicate. We recognize that our customers’ lives continue past the walls of their home, and we want to make Alexa a natural part of the in-vehicle experience. The auto industry is in the midst of a disruption and voice technology has a significant part to play.


Join us on the forefront of innovation, technology, machine learning, and AI – we are always looking for new leaders.


Check out Alexa Auto's virtual tech talk on Twitch here to learn about how the team is helping the automotive industry build voice first experiences that power the future of mobility.

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