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Alexa Data Services

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Alexa is always getting smarter. Join the team that trains her.

Love working with data? We have the team for you! The Alexa Data Services (ADS) organization provides data creation, curation, and analytics services to help develop, test, and train the Alexa AI. We work closely with internal customers like Machine Learning Science modeling teams, providing the critical data they need to improve Alexa’s Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding models and domain features.

We look for individuals who are customer-obsessed and can think big as we scale our team and data services. Diving deep is an important part of our day-to-day work as we focus on data integrity and metrics.

Our organization includes multiple teams: Worldwide Operations, Cost & Resource Management (CRM), ADS Product Management, Data and Annotation Science, and Operations Excellence.

As part of the Worldwide Operations team, you have the opportunity to execute data workflows. We hire Data Associates who work on transcriptions of audio files for Automatic Speech Recognition, semantic annotation for Natural Language Understanding, and dialogue evaluation for improving overall customer interaction with Alexa. Our Data Associates, specialists and operations managers work from multiple global locations: Chennai and Hyderabad, India; Berlin, Germany; Cambridge, UK; Gdansk, Poland; Bucharest, Romania; Osaka, Japan; San Jose, Costa Rica and Boston, USA.

The ADS Cost & Resource Management (CRM) group is a multi-disciplinary organization that delivers on Cost Management, Capacity & Demand Planning, Workforce Management, Risk Management, Global Launch & Expansions, Process & Program Management, Business Analytics, and Data Quality Assurance. We work collaboratively with global Alexa teams to deliver a delightful Alexa experience to our end customers. Our programs operate at the intersection of business, operations, and technology that enable Alexa to learn new skills, new languages, and work on exciting devices. If you are interested and/or have experience in creating business value we want to hire you.

The ADS Product Management team is the custodian of the ADS roadmap and serves as the single point of contact for ADS Vision and Strategy. We coordinate with teams within ADS to make sure that teams are working together to deliver on organizational goals and with teams outside ADS to make sure that ADS is staying customer obsessed and delivering the highest quality data to improves the Alexa customer experience.

The ADS Data and Annotation Science team is a multi-disciplinary team of Natural Language Processing (NLP) research and applied scientists, linguists, and data scientists, focused on bringing Linguistic and Machine Learning insights into ADS's core functions. We focus on improving efficiency, reducing costs, and focusing ADS efforts on the most critical data to ensure the best Alexa customer experience. Never blocked by “not invented here”, we incorporate best practices in both model and human in the loop computation to keep Alexa Data Services on the cutting edge of annotation sciences.

Finally, the Operations Excellence group is a program management function that acts as a primary interface for our internal customers, owns the end-to-end process of data delivery in line with our customer requirements, and owns critical central programs like Business Planning & Cost Management and Global Training & Quality Audits. We hire Project Managers, Program Managers, Transition Managers, Business and Market Research Analysts, and Instructional Designers.

Interested in joining our team? Check out our open positions below.

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