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Delivering the Star Trek computer

The Alexa Engine team moves toward the vision of delivering the Star Trek computer to our customers – the world’s best intelligent personal assistant, accessible via natural voice commands on any connected device.

The Alexa Engine integrates Alexa technologies that go into Amazon and third-party devices; it is the underlying component for Alexa that allows other teams to build experiences. We build one set of common APIs for Amazon and third party devices and developers. We work across all Alexa teams to make sure that Alexa is always ready to respond to your requests in an accurate and timely manner. We also serve as a center of excellence for the Alexa organization. Since the Alexa Engine takes in all Alexa traffic, we manage and solve large-scale challenges like service scalability and availability. As we integrate so many different Alexa technology components, our team members have the opportunity to be introduced to many different technologies quickly in a hands-on way. 

Our Alexa Language Technologies team works on services that interact with the engine, like Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Language Understanding Systems, and Text to Speech.

Interested in diving in? We are looking for Software Development Engineers and Managers, Support Engineers, System Engineers, Technical Program Managers, and technical leaders to join our team. We are hiring globally in Seattle, Sunnyvale, Boston, Gdansk, Poland, and Chennai, India. Check out our open positions below.

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