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Building the Future of Fulfillment

Amazon Fulfillment Technologies (AFT) powers Amazon’s global fulfillment network by designing and building the hardware, software, and processes that enable our customers to get what they want, when they want it. We don’t just talk about innovating—we put innovation into action, working alongside our employees to move billions of customer orders through our Fulfillment Centers globally. We push the bounds of robotics, computer vision, machine learning, and operations research to improve quality, engage our workforce, and delight customers. AFT is creating the future of fulfillment, and we’re looking for people with big ideas and the drive to see them at work in the real world. If you’re ready to innovate on a global scale, join us.

 AFT builds and operates software, hardware, and processes that run the global network of fulfillment centers that move many millions of units of inventory, employ tens of thousands of people, and ensure that customers get what they want when we promised we would get it to them. We do this by building automated solutions to handle things that technology does well, while working alongside employees in our fulfillment centers. Click here to see a short video on AFT. 


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