Amazon Selection and Catalog Systems

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Building systems to manage selection and product catalogs for Amazon

Amazon customers’ ability to select and learn about products and offers is a central part of their experience. Amazon Selection and Catalog Systems (ASCS) builds the systems that run the world’s largest e-Commerce products catalog - it powers the online buying experience for customers worldwide so they can discover and buy anything they want.

Our services and systems process millions of updates on the billions of products across Amazon’s physical, digital and services offerings, ensuring that we serve up the freshest and most complete product information to millions of Amazon's global customers. We develop and apply technologies spanning parallel processing, storage, machine learning, natural language processing, and image recognition. We stretch the limits of distributed systems and big data processing to solve some of the hardest technical problems and unprecedented scale challenges.

With the continuing growth in the scale and diversity of the Amazon business, our challenges only get bigger, requiring us to constantly innovate, as there are no “textbook solutions.”

Our obsession with the precision, reliability and scalability results in great experiences for customers throughout their purchase journey on our websites.

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