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AWS System Development Engineer

842 open jobs

Automate, scale, and build the infrastructure for cloud computing.

While it’s difficult to describe what a System Development Engineer does at AWS, we can say that our primary role is to build software that increases operational performance and developer agility. We are DevOps thought leaders in automation and infrastructure of a service. We write code to fix bugs, automate tasks, implement monitoring, and deal with infrastructural components within the large scale systems we build. And we are the glue that keeps AWS services up and running for our customers.

We are looking for people who are passionate about automation, operational excellence, and infrastructure. You might be classically trained or entirely self-taught. Either way, you love to learn. Your technology toolkit is wide, but there is probably one area you specialize in. You can efficiently tackle problems through code, hardware, networking, or storage within complex systems. You can roll up your selves to troubleshoot and diagnosis any technical outage. And as part of the System Development team, you’ll get to set best practices to ensure we’re providing customers with high-availability services.

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