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The Next Generation of Home Security

Blink’s mission is to end homeowner worry by providing the most effective indoor/outdoor, battery-powered, DIY video monitoring system that is both affordable and dead-simple to setup and use. We believe that smart home security products should reduce user anxiety by offering outsized value, flexible placement options, and reliable event monitoring and reporting, all backed by a trusted brand. Blink’s proprietary chip technology enables home security cameras with unprecedented image quality, battery life, price points and form factors. The Blink team is comprised of talented and enthusiastic engineers, salespeople and marketers with a passion for developing new products--from chip design all the way through to complete end user systems. Join us to help create the next generation of home security!

Blink’s History

Blink was introduced to the world through a successful Kickstarter campaign. With nearly 7,000 enthusiastic backers and over $1M in pledges, Blink was one of the top crowdfunding technology campaigns at the time. After the Kickstarter Campaign, Blink was launched officially at the start of January 2016. Blink shipped over 250,000 units by the end of the year and achieved profitability later in 2016. An accomplishment for any consumer-electronics company but one, even more, remarkable considering that Blink was being sold 100% online with no traditional brick-and-mortar retail sales. Blink continued its success with the launch of the Blink XT indoor/outdoor camera in January of 2017 and was subsequently acquired by Amazon in December 2017. It is now one of the fastest growing smart home products available today.

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