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Compliance Operations is a part of our Health and Safety, Sustainability, Security and Compliance Team. We create the rules and procedures to classify all of our products according to internal requirements and legal regulations, using automation, technologies and data analysis to continuously improve the shopping experience. We are here to make sure Amazon customers are safe and informed by analyzing product import documentation, flagging risks and ensuring that transactions are legal and safe. You can build the future with us, by enhancing and optimising a world-class system that delivers amazing results.

Employee Stories

Hear from Compliance Ops team members about how they work to delight our customers every day.

Meet Maja and Roman

Maja and Roman, members of the Compliance Ops team in Gdansk, discuss the flexible and dynamic environment at Amazon Poland.

Meet Mihaela and Serban

Mihaela and Serban, members of the Compliance Ops team in Iasi, share their favorite things about working at Amazon.

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Alexandra became an Amazonian in 2014 when she joined the Amazon Retail Business Services, Defect Reduction - Andon Cord team. Her current role is Quality Analyst for Chemical Safety Compliance, which translates into taking care of process' health by checking the quality of Chemical Safety Compliance operational tasks. Outside Amazon, Alexandra is a singer in a band.
Dan joined the company in 2018 as a Senior Compliance Associate in the Global Trade Services Team and is now Compliance Manager in the Product Compliance division. Dan is passionate about his work in the team and loves to help his team progress in their careers. He loves sailing in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. He also loves playing video games and filmmaking.
Alexandra has been with Amazon for three years. She currently works on two major processes as a Senior C-Ops Associate on the EPR team: New Program Onboarding and Environmental Scheme Management. Alexandra enjoys every opportunity to break down communication barriers and connect people as an Amazon employee. Running is her hobby outside of work.
Claudiu (aka Cody) joined Amazon as a Senior Compliance Associate on the Chemical Safety Compliance Team - Selling Partner Outreach in December 2020. His primary responsibilities include document compliance across the entire consumer chain, as well as calibrating and maintaining the Standard Operating Procedures. Cody is a cat lover who enjoys music production in his spare time.
Ana-Maria has been with Amazon for over a year and each day in the company continues to positively surprise her. She currently works as a Climate Pledge Friendly Senior Product Compliance Associate, where she contributes to providing a sustainable customer experience while reducing carbon emissions. After work, Ana-Maria enjoys reading psychology books.
Madalina joined the company in 2015 and is now a Senior Compliance Associate in the Dangerous Goods division. Madalina is well-known as a trainer and mentor for new employees, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience. She pursues her culinary passion after she clocks out. That includes eating healthy foods and learning more about nutrition.
Elena began working for Amazon in 2017. Her current team's mission is to develop and expand team scoping through Data Labelling to support ongoing Machine Learning initiatives. She views Amazon as an environment that is both constantly challenging and evolving. Elena's hobbies include reading, which is both her comfort zone and a great way for her to unwind.
Dragos has been with the company for almost a year and a half. His role as a Sr. C-Ops Associate in Global Trade Services - Import Audit is to verify the accuracy of customs declarations. His responsibilities include compliance and customs regulations, which help to reduce financial errors and recover financial resources. After work, he enjoys spending time in nature, usually fishing or hiking.
Georgiana began working for the company in 2020. She is honored to be a Senior Compliance Associate on the PICCCE team where she ensures that all Amazon Consumer division products and services meet the Product Assurance, Risk, and Security (PARS) compliance and safety policy requirements. Georgiana describes herself as a "natural helper," and her favorite aspect of working at Amazon is meeting new people. In her spare time, she enjoys long walks and listening to music.
In 2020, Anca joined the Transportation, Risk, and Compliance program. Her current position is Senior Compliance Associate, and she works on risk awareness for Transportation Businesses by providing insight to our stakeholders on identified, perceived, and emerging risks. She identifies with the uniqueness of Amazonian culture as derived from the Leadership Principles, and she bases her actions on the notion that every Amazonian is a leader. Ana-Maria is a highly creative individual - enjoys painting and sculpting with nail art products.

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