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Core Machine Learning

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Driving automated, data-driven decisions across Amazon

Being part of the Machine Learning team at Amazon is one of the most exciting job opportunities in the world today. There is no richer data environment for a Machine Learning scientist to develop new models and algorithms that will positively impact over 200 million customers. Our team is comprised of technical leaders across three main locations- Seattle, Berlin and Bangalore.

Machine learning and related quantitative sciences have been strategic to Amazon from the early years. We are pioneers in areas such as recommendation engines, product search, eCommerce fraud detection, and large-scale optimization of fulfillment center operations.

We believe in the long-term impact of Machine Learning to all our businesses. Our team hires Machine Learning scientists in some of the following areas:

  • Forecasting Demand

  • Pricing

  • Recommendations and Product Search

  • eCommerce Fraud Detection

  • Predictive Help for Sellers

  • Inventory Management

  • Visual Search/Computer Vision

  • Large-scale optimization of fulfillment center operations

  • Text Search, NLP, Summarization

  • Scalable and elastic machine learning algorithms

The Core Machine Learning team is growing, and we are hiring!

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Core Machine Learning

Machine Learning at Amazon

Learn how Amazon's Core Machine Learning Team leverages the latest research to deliver better experiences for customers and sellers.

48 open jobs in Core Machine Learning