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Distributed Computing Services

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At the center of Amazon’s service-oriented architecture


As Amazon’s business grows, so do the number of services our technical teams operate. The Distributed Computing Services Team provides hosted serverless platforms and DevOps tools for internal Amazon teams to effectively build, deploy and manage highly-available and secure services at Amazon.

We own the platform that has significantly reduced the time required to stand up a service at Amazon, and the resources required to operate it. We identify opportunities to reduce costs related to our service-oriented architecture. And we manage a high-volume workflow execution system that provides fault-tolerant, guaranteed execution to hundreds of critical business use cases such as backend processing of any order placed on Our hosted Configuration platform allows rapid changes to configuration and metadata for thousands of business applications.  Our work is at the core of Amazon’s service-oriented architecture, optimizing for speed and reliability and minimizing costs.

We play a big role in how technical teams deliver the services that fuel Amazon’s business growth.

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