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Imagine yourself working with entrepreneurial agency that uses new technology and innovation combined with current resources in order to compete in the current marketplace. Now visualize yourself creating data storage, reporting solutions, and the creation of new platforms that support and enable the continued growth of one of the largest companies in the world. That’s what we do at Amazon Finance Technology (FinTech).

Our teams are continually growing across the globe with hubs in Seattle, Vancouver, Brazil, China, the UK, and India work as a core part of our finance team to have a deep understanding of the company’s business strategy. FinTech works with every part of Amazon to capture, compute, transact, and report their financial events. We design solutions to deliver the technical capabilities needed to achieve these business strategies. Our expertise of external financial and tax-related regulations and ensure our processes and procedures result in compliance, and the ability to comply, at all times.

FinTech at Amazon is where innovative and financially focused people do great work that has a strong impact on the success of our company. Check out our teams:

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Amazon Finance Tech Team

Amazon Finance Tech Team

We help others understand finance and are trusted advisers for every facet of data and communication.

Life at Amazon Tax (FinTech), India. Meet Neha

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