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Financial Intelligence Systems

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Industry-Leading Decision Systems

Amazon’s success is the result of a series of well-made decisions, and the future of the company is dependent on our ability to continue making great decisions. What’s changed since the early days of Amazon is the size and complexity of our operating environment. Today, sophisticated systems and massive data sets are critical to our ongoing delivery of the analytics our business leaders will use to drive growth for the company.

The Financial Intelligence Systems Team builds and manages the financial business performance and decision systems our retail business uses to increase product selection, control costs and invest in innovations for the benefit of our customers.  Hundreds of internal P&L owners leverage our analytics and decision support tools to analyze vendors, product categories and brands; giving them the ability to calculate profitability down to the unit level. Our vendor management teams employ our systems to support vendor selection, negotiations, inventory planning and buying.

In addition to our work delivering financial and business intelligence, we are also breaking new ground in the retail industry by developing forecasting solutions to help business leaders anticipate future outcomes. Our research scientists build predictive models that enhance our planning capabilities and support more deliberate and precise decision-making across our retail business.

We not only deliver the critical data that Amazon uses to evaluate business performance, but we are innovating to change the way that data is used in retail organizations.


Financial Intelligence Systems

Decision Systems Driving Amazon's Strategy

Hear from two employees from Amazon's Financial Intelligence Systems team on the role their work plays in enabling Amazon's future.

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