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Pioneering Amazon devices, from Fire tablets to Amazon Dash

The hardware engineering team is headquartered at Amazon Lab126, an inventive San Francisco Bay Area research and development company that designs and engineers devices like Fire tablets, Kindle, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Echo. We also have teams in Seattle, China, and the Netherlands.

We focus on creating elegant devices, bringing together applied research and development expertise across diverse areas including reliability, audio engineering, product design, camera systems, thermal engineering, electrical engineering, packaging engineering, and more.

Amazon Lab126 addresses compelling customer needs, inventing entirely new product categories like Amazon Echo to serve our customers. How could we build a Kindle device with the thinnest possible ergonomic design, while still keeping long lasting battery life for our customers? Kindle Oasis. How would we build a speaker meant to interact with customers through far-field voice recognition? Amazon Echo. Our product portfolio continues to expand, with new hardware challenges and opportunities.


About Amazon Lab126

In 2004, the Amazon team had a vision: To improve upon the physical book, making it easier than ever for customers to discover and enjoy books anywhere and anytime. Gregg Zehr, vice president of hardware engineering at Palm Computing at the time, was part of the group that accepted the challenge. In October 2004, Gregg formed a small team, moved into a shared space in a Palo Alto law library, and got to work. Amazon Lab126 was born.

The Lab126 name originated from the arrow in the Amazon logo, which draws a line from A to Z in "Amazon." In Lab126, the 1 stands for "A" and the "26" stands for "Z." Lab126 is an Amazon lab of innovation, research, and development for devices.

After three years of research and development, the first Kindle launched with 90,000 e-books on November 19, 2007. The Lab126 team watched a live broadcast of the announcement from New York, holding their breath as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos introduced Kindle. 5.5 hours later, Kindle was sold out.

The team has expanded rapidly since then, producing a variety of new, innovative products — from Amazon Fire TV to Amazon Echo — with the same spirit that fueled the first inventors.

We've come a long way, but it's still day one.

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