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Imaging Systems

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The technology behind imaging at massive scale

The millions of products offered for sale on Amazon’s global and subsidiary websites require millions of detailed, high-quality images. These images help customers make informed purchase decisions – they’re an important part of the Amazon shopping experience.

Creating and managing the high volume of images required to operate at the scale of Amazon requires sophisticated technology focused on image capture, processing and workflow management. The Imaging Systems Group owns the devices, systems and tools our businesses use to automate the creation and use of product images.

As a leader in eCommerce, Amazon faces challenges of complexity, scale and customer obsession. So our teams of software developers and research scientists aren’t just implementing technologies to manage product images, they are inventing new ones, like image capture robotics devices and automated image enhancement systems.

The Imaging Systems Group is pushing the bleeding edge of enterprise image management and changing how eCommerce companies use images.


Meet Amazonians working in Imaging Systems

Working in Imaging Systems

Learn more about the technology behind product images.

Hear from product imaging employees about their work leveraging advanced technology to process and display product images at massive scale.

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