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Information Security

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The Guardians of Customer Trust

At Amazon, we are obsessed with customer trust. Information Security maintains this by guarding the confidentiality and integrity of Amazon and customer data. We assess risk, classify data and systems, detect potential intrusion, and render useless the value of data that may be leaked.

Our teams span over 10 countries worldwide, and our focus areas include: security intelligence, application security, incident response, security operations, risk and compliance, acquisitions and subsidiaries, and external partner security. Our mission includes instilling awareness to safeguard all customer and employee data, applications, services, and assets. To accomplish this, we unite with Amazon organizations to build security best practices into enterprise-wide systems. Our guidance and leadership equip our partners to maintain high security standards.

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Do you want to work on security challenges at unprecedented scale? Please check out our open positions below, ranging from Security Engineering and Program Management, to Software Development and Leadership. We have several opportunities available in the following global locations:

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