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Delivery Technologies Organization

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Build the future of DTO!

Build the future of DTO!

The Delivery Technologies Organization (DTO) is a pivotal part of Amazon’s delivery process, allowing both Amazon transporters and customers to enjoy a smooth and flawless delivery experience. The DTO team not only develops innovative technology to ensure that orders are delivered as quickly and accurately as possible, but also provides Amazon transporters with the necessities to establish a safe working environment.

As a part of the DTO team, you will be in charge of developing technologies such as on-road visibility tools to ensure that Amazon transporters undergo a smooth and flawless delivery experience. You will also help construct a safety-first delivery culture by building technology that promotes safe driving practices, and take part in improving the operational quality of Amazon’s fulfillment centers by enhancing robotic techniques. Being a part of DTO also means that you will support new businesses to make sure Amazon has the technology it needs to deliver an exceptional experience for its customers and transporters.

The DTO team is a rapidly-growing team that loves problem-solving and making a tangible impact. If this excites you, come join us! We are hiring for Software Engineers, Product Managers, Computer Vision Scientists, and more.


Software Development Manager

Yash joined Amazon as an SDE-1 with Last Mile in July 2017, and worked on the first generation of automated routing solutions for India. His team was on its mission to crack package routing algorithm for India’s complex delivery network. Within a span of 8 months, Yash and team translated an Innovation-Fest demonstration to a productionized solution used by 200+ last mile delivery stations across India.


Yash transitioned to a Software Development Manager role in 2020, and has since then led teams building high quality and high velocity products used across last mile delivery stations WW. He relocated to the US in late 2021 to explore Operations more closely, and has since then been working on building intelligent labor planning systems for Last Mile.


Software Development Engineer

Baha joined Amazon in April 2020 as iOS developer in Last Mile organization. What caught her eye at first in Last Mile was the challenges they solve for their customers. What still excites her every day is that there are a lot of opportunities that you can choose to take on. You can work on projects across multiple teams, you can build a library to be used by multiple teams in the org or you can develop a feature that is used by millions of users every day. You are exposed to a large codebase and a lot of smart people around you. You get to learn and develop your skills daily.


Software Development

Srini joined Amazon in 2020 to leverage his experience in managing large scale online platform and services to help build, scale & enable AWS services to adopt modernized CloudFormation’s platform. He now leads Software Development team in building solutions for Amazon Heavy Bulky and Extra Large package delivery business within Last Mile Technology. In addition to solving complex business problems for Last Mile, Srini enjoyed contributing to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) communication virtual team to bolster the DEI initiatives to create & continue a safe, respectful working environment.

When not at work, Srini enjoys playing indoor and outdoor sports, spending time with family and friends /p>


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