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Ordering Services

84 open jobs

The systems and services that allow customers to order anything on with the click of a button


Amazon customers expect a consistent experience every time they add an item to their cart and proceed through checkout. Core elements of the process are interwoven with Amazon’s trusted brand, specifically the ease of managing their items intended for purchase and the speed with which the fulfillment process is initiated. There’s a lot of technology at work to make the process simple for customers. Ordering Services is the organization that develops the collection of services behind Amazon’s well-known ordering experience, beginning with “Add to Cart” and ending with “Your Amazon order has shipped”.

The variety of services we own is wide and the complexity of our work provides great challenges for our talented software developers. We are responsible for a large number of features and services including cart experience, customer order workflow, features that allow customers to scale ordering capabilities based on volume and size, and the technology behind customer refunds.  Our work touches businesses across Amazon and is critical to the success of the company, because it’s important to customers.

We are consistently looking for opportunities to pioneer new architectural and design approaches, invent new features, develop additional distributed services that impact Amazon’s existing business and technology organizations, and provide a differentiated ordering experience for customers.

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