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Recruiting Engine

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The Recruiting Engine team is reinventing how we recruit at Amazon

The Recruiting Engine team is reinventing how we recruit at Amazon.

Our focus is to design and build online experiences and assessments for candidates, architect digital ecosystems and connected platforms for our employees, and provide tools and services that help enable recruiters.

The work is interesting, challenging, and rewarding. We are redefining how to design and develop to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in hiring. The space is deeply human, we support people so that they can support themselves and their families.

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Our team is made up of software developers, product and program managers, UX practitioners, and scientists.

With so many jobs to choose from, we work to empower people to first identify the types of roles that interest them, then to find and apply to those roles.

Essentially, our teams support the candidate journey from “So, you think you may want to work for Amazon?” through to “Welcome to Amazon!”. We strive to help people find meaningful work, and support them so that they have have a successful Amazon career.

The family of products we work on has grown to include both candidate facing tools and internal tools for hiring managers and recruiters: and with over one million employees we build them to a scale that is not found anywhere else.

Candidate job search

  • Amazon Jobs

    Attracting job seeking candidates

  • Assessments

    Measure candidate strengths and experience

  • Exploration

    Understanding candidate preferences

  • Hire

    Scheduling, interviews and offers

  • Amazon Employee

Meet the teams:

Candidate Experience

Our goal is to support every job seeker. We build systems that help candidates find, and get, the jobs at Amazon that best fit their goals.

  • Candidate Experience Technology

    The CXT team builds software to guide job seekers to discover and apply for the role that best suits their needs. With engaging, bias-free content and application experiences, as well as flexible communication options and candidate support, we help job seekers to find teams and roles where they will have the highest potential for long-term growth and impact.

  • Talent Demand

    Our Talent Demand team works to understand Amazon’s hiring needs, but this is more than just documenting how many people to hire, it also includes understanding the roles, including the unique skills, abilities, and other characteristics that will help a candidate to be successful in the role.

  • Exploration

    The Exploration teams are a mix of engineers, managers, and scientists who help candidates on their journey to finding the best role for them at Amazon. We are deeply passionate about building tools using the latest technology and share a common interest in scientific methods founded on explainability and algorithmic fairness.

  • Assessments

    The Assessments team builds products that measure a candidate’s skills and abilities in a precise, delightful, and scalable way. Our technology is designed to engage candidates, scale with Amazon’s hiring, and allow us to build, experiment, launch, and iterate on online assessments.

Recruiting Experience

We believe that there are better ways to recruit employees. Our goal is to create systems to hire and retain the world's best talent by refining and improving the process of recruiting.

  • Relationship Building

    The Relationship Building teams design and build the products to identify, attract, and engage prospective applicants and candidates. As the search for talent becomes more competitive, we are focused on human-centric technologies that are scalable and efficient while also ensuring that candidates are recognized as individuals with unique personal career ambitions and achievements to share.

  • Scientific Evaluation

    The Scientific Evalution teams guide recruiting, interviewing and hiring processes by combining product development, technology investments, UX research and design, scientific analysis, big data analytics and process optimization. We are continually innovating on our ability to identify talent to join Amazon. We are experimenting, measuring and learning as we strive to provide all candidates a respectful, straightforward and frustration-free experience.

  • Architecture and Platform

    The Architecture and Platform teams provide cross-cutting technologies and functionalities across the candidate journey and hiring activities at Amazon. The teams design and implement consistent system and business domain models using flexible architecture frameworks. The focus is on scale, speed, visibility, reusability, and automation.

Where we’re located

The recruiting engine organization is spread primarily across four beautiful cities. Learn more below.

  • photo of Vancouver, BC Canada

    Vancouver, BC Canada

    Our office is in downtown Vancouver, within walking distance from the waterfront, Stanley Park, too many great restaurants to count, and great transportation options. Vancouver is home to several Amazon offices, all within walking distance from each other, leading to a vibrant local Amazon community.

    Vancouver is quickly becoming Silicon Valley of the north, and is home to a burgeoning tech community, so you can fit in meet ups with local tech gurus between visits to gourmet coffee shops, visits to one of the many local ski hills, or spending time at one of our many beaches.

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  • photo of the Spheres

    Seattle, WA USA

    Our office is in downtown Seattle, where we are in one of many Amazon buildings. Amazon was born in Seattle, which has contributed to an amazing local tech scene in downtown Seattle.

    Amazonians can take advantage of the free daily bananas, visits to the Amazon sphere for their morning coffee, and excellent local amenities.

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  • photo of Edinburgh, Scotland

    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Edinburgh is home to both an Amazon Customer Service Center and an Amazon Development Center. Both offices are located at Waverley Gate, which is situated at the east end of Edinburgh city center, within a short walking distance of Waverley Station, the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood, and the Surgeons Hall on Nicolson Street.

    Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and the seat of the Scottish Parliament. The Old Town and New Town districts of Edinburgh were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995 in recognition of the unique character of the Medieval Old Town and the planned Georgian New Town.

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  • Arlington, VA, USA

    Amazon selected Arlington, Virginia as the location for its second headquarters. The one-of-a-kind building will occupy 4 million square feet of energy efficient office space, and create at least 25,000 new full-time jobs.

    New retail space for shops, restaurants, and a daycare center will be made available for area residents and Amazonians. The community will also have bike-friendly access, public open spaces (including a dog park), recreation areas, farmers markets, and more.

    Are you ready to become an Amazonian? Come build the future with us.

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Other Amazon locations and remote working

In addition to Seattle, Vancouver, Edinburgh and Arlington, we have team members sprinkled around the globe. Some work remotely, and some sit at other Amazon offices such as Madrid, Cork, Austin, and San Diego. Our team is vast and growing!

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