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Tax Systems

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Developing services with a focus on precision

Online retailers are required to comply with a complex set of sales tax codes determined by a number of factors including buyer shipping address, location of merchant, classification of product, and buyer exemption status.

Collecting taxes was simpler when Amazon first started in 1994 – our tax-collection technology was limited to a single line of code. Today, due to the growth of Amazon’s business and the evolving requirements around sales tax collection, a number of sophisticated services are in place to manage merchant tax data, create audit records and reports, and collect sales taxes for each geography we do business in and for all product classifications present in our catalog. The Tax Systems team builds and manages the technology behind these services, ensuring that Amazon meets its legal requirements, manages data impacting sales tax collection, creates audit records, applies relevant sales tax to shoppers’ orders and minimizes confusion for customers.

Our teams of software developers and technical program managers partner to ensure our services are not only highly-scalable and available, but that they are also executed with precision. Our goal is to develop services that are reliable and exacting so that avoidable human intervention is minimized. So we hire technology professionals who are at the top of their game. Team members know that the person sitting next to them is holding themselves to the same high standards, and all are focused on a common vision around world-class service delivery.

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