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Translation Team

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Making products available to customers worldwide

The InTech Translation Team achieves the impossible by making millions of products available to customers all around the globe.

Our core mission is to help customers make a purchasing decision by offering them all relevant information about a product in their preferred language and by ensuring that human and machine-generated translations meet the right level of quality.

We are currently based in Bratislava, Barcelona, Singapore, Hyderabad and Costa Rica. Our multicultural team is made up of highly skilled language professionals, among them Operation Managers, Linguists, Vendor Managers, Project Managers and Program Managers, who contribute to the expansion of the product selection on our international platforms. Whether your background is in translation, modern languages, communication or any other related field, we offer diverse job profiles that allow you to translate, post-edit, work on quality assessment and collaborate with machine learning teams, as well as acquire program management skills. Come join us and make an impact on our customers all around the globe with every word you edit. Check out our open positions below.

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