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Deals and Shenanigans

Woot has a unique voice that intentionally differs from most retailers. We make fun of ourselves, our customers, and the crap we’re selling. Yes, we use words like “crap.” This is not just empty irreverence – it’s about building trust and a sense of belonging in the long term at the expense of “buy more!” sales in the short term. At Woot, we treat customers like friends. Really.

You? You're passionate. Proven. Stalwart. You do astronavigation equations in your head. You've got a talking Trans Am and a sidekick played by a comedian. Your voice has been described as "honey made of lightning" and you speak more languages than there are countries. And when you take off your motorcycle helmet, people gasp in amazement at how you glow. At least, that's how they'll portray you when they make a movie about The truth? Hey, since when have movies cared about the truth? mixes entertainment with e-commerce in a way that’s compelling and unusual. Come join the family of sites and help us create original deals and entertainment.


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