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Workplace Health and Safety

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We make and keep our operations safe. At the highest standards.

Making sure our colleagues are well at work, both physically and mentally, is key to keep our Fulfilment Centers running smoothly. Our Health, Safety, and Medical professionals are there for that. They partner with managers, associates, and governmental entities to ensure all Amazonians work in a safe and healthy environment.

The global Workplace Health and Safety team at Amazon is responsible for maintaining, developing and implementing the highest standards of safety and well-being in the workplace for all our employees. As part of our team, you'll partner with different departments on a range of projects, including equipment and process inspections, and will have the opportunity to influence processes, building and equipment design and policy. Come join us and raise the bar with every health and safety project you work on.

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Working here, you’ll see how the health and safety system we’re building has the potential to have a direct positive impact on our employees around the world. Our WHS team is formed of safety professionals at different stages in their careers. By joining us, you’ll have a chance to significantly grow your health and safety expertise.

You’ll get to implement programs to prevent injuries, damage and loss, manage Amazon assets and supervise teams of other talented health and safety practitioners. We assess all of our operations and plan for every eventuality. We also inspire our people to grow as professionals, offering many opportunities for their development.

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WHS Coordinator

WHS Coordinators advise on and carry out training for associates and managers on company procedures and legal requirements. Their mission is to assist with risk assessments and incident-related investigations, establish root-cause, and develop action plans.

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WHS Specialist

WHS Specialists coordinate and implement Amazon safety standards, and lead engagement projects to raise safety awareness across the site. They are proxies for WHS Managers, and their role includes leading, supporting, and coaching teams of WHS Coordinators.

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WHS Manager

WHS Managers lead a local safety team of up to six members. They report to Operations site leaders and their mission is to ensure our associates work in a safe and healthy environment through continuous safety improvement.

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Health Manager

Health Managers focus on health management for our associates and colleagues working at our sites. They supervise a local team of health coordinators, health integration advisors and physiotherapists. They also coordinate partnerships with doctors and paramedics, and work on health-related projects across the Amazon network.

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Occupational Nurse

Occupational Nurses are part of the local medical team and are first-aid providers on site. They focus on prevention trainings, risk assessments and awareness campaigns, and are responsible for the health surveillance of associates working on the floor, ensuring they are medically fit to perform their tasks effectively and safely.

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Occupational Doctor

Occupational Doctors are the leading medical practitioners on the local WHS team. They supervise and coordinate all medical-related tasks. They perform and certify associates’ medical checks, liaise with relevant local authorities about work-related accidents, and engage with senior management by providing report trends in key risk areas.

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