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Worldwide Marketing

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Amazon’s Marketing Engine

Customers know Amazon for having a vast selection and a convenient shopping experience. For many shoppers, we are a household name, and our marketing serves to remind them to visit our site to purchase the items they need to live their lives. For others, they are learning about Amazon, our customer programs or promotions for the first time, through our marketing initiatives. Amazon’s worldwide marketing organization is responsible for driving both new and existing Amazon customers to

We are a marketing technology organization which includes technical and business teams, partnering to effectively to communicate with customers via a wide range of channels. Anywhere you see a message that invites you to visit Amazon, that message likely came from us. Our marketing teams build and operate platform technologies that allow Amazon's communication with its customers to scale via automation, globally.  Examples of the technologies we build and manage include sophisticated bid decisioning engines, customer-level targeting algorithms, multivariate testing frameworks, message personalization, distributed content creation tools, and low latency / highly distributed systems for website customization.

Our teams span a wide range of marketing and technical disciplines including paid search advertising, search engine optimization, social media advertising and product development, affiliate and email marketing, browser integration technology, marketing analytics and deals and events. In additional to leveraging a variety of marketing opportunities and technologies, we are at the forefront of inventing new approaches to reaching and engaging customers. We do all of this with data that informs our work and helps us create world class experiences for customers.

Joining our team is an opportunity for marketing and technology professionals to innovate for a beloved brand at massive scale, impacting the lives of millions of customers around the world.


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